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August 2004 Issue - It's All Greek To Me.
BB Salutes Demeter, Goddess of Grain

Classic Baklavah With Lemon, Limes, and Oranges

Greek S Cookies

Big Fat Greek Wedding Boondt Cake

Greek Restaurant Salad Dressing

Greek Restaurant Whole Wheat Bread

Athens 2004 or Kourabiedes Greek Almond and Ouzo Cookies

Tiramisu Wedding Cake

Blackberry Loyalist Cake

Blueberry Honey Dipped Scones

Apricot Coffee Cream Cheese Cake
A golden summer dessert.

Wedding For Bella Biscotti
Shhhh. Don’t tell Enrico’s of Pittsburg.

Homemade Krispie Kreme Doughnuts
All the taste, no trans fatty acids.


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