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August 2005 Issue - Everyone Wants A Slice of the Pie

Feature Recipe!!!!
!!!FREE!!! Real Sara Lee Cheesecake Recipe
Ok –not a pie but we didn’t want you to miss this treat. On the way to making goodness knows what, absolutely perfect Sara Lee Cheesecake landed in my oven. Do the blindfold taste test. All that is missing is the polysorbate, mono calcium and the nifty box otherwise…

Our Pie Showcase....

!!!FREE!!! Our Best Pie Dough
On the house, for your pies de maison……

!!!FREE!!! Classic Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon pie as you like it – tart and sweet. A dash of dried egg white powder will make your meringue a weep-free affair.

Deluxe Banana Cream Pie
Silky, wondrous, creamy pie. Why would anyone use this decadent and delicious dessert in a comedy sketch?

Pastry Chef’s Quick French Peach Tart
A package of puff pastry, a basket of peaches and thou. Fuss-free baking with cachet to spare.

Creamy Brown Sugar and Vanilla Pie
Also known as a chess pie, this is a classic cream pie that would appeal to pecan pie lovers in taste, but the texture is smooth and luscious.

Free Form Italian Plum Crostata
A taste of Italy wherever you are. Frolla or sweet tart dough and a heady fusion of berries make a crimson tart come alive. Apricots also work for yet another spectacular rendition of this dessert.

Tea Room Ice Box Lemon Cream Pie
Lemon pie in a summer convertible model. Whipped and chilled into a cloud-like tart. This one looks like it came straight out of a 50’s diner.

Chocolate Silk Pie
Just desserts for chocolate lovers; a swell pie for everyone else.
If berries and creamy pies don’t suit, this is your ticket to ride. Ice cream and hot fudge sauce, optional. (Alex pie recipe is not done but here is code)

Wonderful Fresh Sour Cherry Pie
People in Michigan know a good thing and you can do. Sour cherries are available everywhere so indulge!

Fruits of the Forest Summer Pie
Berry, berry good.

Plus Some Corn Harvest Specialties

Unbelievably Good Hot Buttered Popcorn Bread
Is popcorn flour in the air? It should be, it is lighter than air. Pop some corn and grind (food processor works) it up for this bread that tastes like movie theatre corn but with a brioche crumb. Don’t expect leftovers and learn not to blush at the praise that’ll be heaped on you. This is a keeper. Forget about those other ‘Net recipes that call for wheatgerm and powdered ginger. Sheesh!

Cowboy Corn Bread Lasagna
Cornbread bottom, zesty taco filling on top, Monterey Jack cheese and salsa make this casserole a campfire legend. Serve with a side of sour cream and avocado slices for a Tex Mex sensation that is delectable and staying.

Field of Dreams Sweet Corn
If you make corn this way, Shoeless Joe himself might show up for dinner
You will never make corn the old way after this.

And Some Extra Treats

Strawberries and Cream Shortbread
Dried strawberries are easier and easier to find. Mince and marry them up with a batch of shortbread for the most amazing cookie outside a Peak Freen box.

Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chippers
When you need something sweet, chewy, chocolaty and different

Le Spectrum’s Mega Sugar Cookie Jam Sandwiches
Forget about ‘roll dough thin’. These babies are legend because of their heft. Crisp, crumbly and then satisfyingly chewy at their centers, these were recently served up to the stage crew at the Just For Laughs Comedy Fest in Montreal recently. They drew more raves than the comics. Just ask the band! Do we road test our recipes at BB? Yes’em, we do. We also serve these minus the jam but dipped in a bath of melted milk chocolate and gift-wrap them in cello bags with a tie.


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