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December 2004 Issue - Shall We Dance or Shall We Bake

Orange Almond Tango Cookies !!!Free Recipe!!!
Don’t cry for these Argentinean delights: alphahores cookies revisited. Enjoy these orange/vanilla/almond bites, filled with real dulce de leche and tri-dipped in milk chocolate, white and bittersweet chocolate.

New Tradition Chanukah Potato Latkes !!!Free Recipe!!!
Pure potato morsels of delight: lighter, crisper, faster, easier. You’ll see.

Bubbie Style Chanukah Potato Pancakes !!!Free Recipe!!!
Grate a knuckle and cry a tear – anything for tradition.

Rich Vanilla Hanukkah Rugulah

Chanukah Gelt Cheesecake
A party time cheesecake garnished in gold

Payard’s French Chocolate Cookies
For our friend and good doctor Mark F. His request resulted in the most decadent, luscious, little bites Francois Payard of New York is known for. Now you can make them at home.

Chris’ Lithuanian Apricot Filled Cookies
These tender pastry-like cookies are not about the Chris you are thinking of. These are for Chris Bernotas, tanquero/architect who also possesses equally extraordinary culinary abilities. These are in tribute to his rich heritage.

New Year’s Pink Champagne Butter Cookies
Probably the most delightful, most sophisticated little cookie you will ever munch on or present. A great gift too, with some Mumm’s on the side for New Year’s up ahead. Try the Cognac Cookie version too.

Chestnut Truffle Brownies
A fudge brownie gets slicked up for the ball. A chocolate truffle taste and texture, topped with a thick and delectable ganache frosting. No one eats these; they tend to inhale them.

Sugar Plum Loaves
Tchaikovsky would have approved. A sweet bread that goes down like Danish, fresh or toasted. Good hosting fare. Finished off with a slick of orange cream cheese frosting and chopped pistachios. Cue those dancing feet.

Snow Queen’s Coconut Macaroons
Bad ones give the whole macaroon family a bad name. These are to swoon for.

Best Scottish Shortbread
Walkers, move over. Scottish grandmothers, beware. The trick is a perfect recipe, better butter, pulverized sugar, and a slow oven. Buttery, crumbly, long lasting, better-as-they-age, old-fashioned shortbread. See our Brown Sugar Shortbread and Nutty Shortbread Sandwich variations.

Linzortorte Biscotti
A little Holiday spice in your favorite form: biscotti. A ribbon of raspberry jam graces this spice and nut cookie.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cookies
Rich chocolate shortbread, slathered with a Bailey’s Irish Cream fondant. Cookies that say, ‘bottom’s up’.

Candied Fruitcake From Siena
Paneforte or ‘strong bread’ is a delicious, candied confection, more than a cake. Imported versions are found in Italian food stores but you can make one at a fraction of the cost and with the freshest spices and nuts available.

Hanukkah Doughnuts (Soufganiot)

Cranberry Clementine Biscotti

Famous Cherry Garcia Cookies

New Year's Eve or New Year's Brunch 'Big' Cherry Cheesecake
For noshing before or on midnight, or serving up the next day, at a glamorous New Year’s Brunch with friends.

(!!!Free!!) Breakfast Cinnamon Crumb Coffeecake
Crumb cakes – always welcome – like a cinnamon dream come to life. Cue the coffee. Brew the tea.

The $250 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe –why not? Fun and crunchy.

Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins
Are a must

Vegetable Dip in a Bread Bowl
Quick and easy and impresses ……without stress

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll
Lox on call…..only it is canned salmon, cream cheese, liquid smoke and a magical recipe. Someone spring for the water biscuits.

New Year’s Day Scrambled Eggs and Camembert Eggs
Humble or heavenly and your best source of iron…..and instant main dish

Bistro Style Vegetarian Lasagna
Nippy, spicy, smooth, heartwarming – amazing lasagna

Restaurant Style Caesar Salad With Oven Garlic Croutons
One of those star attraction salads

Elegant, slices of crustless quiche. Serve as is, hot, warm, cold, with or without salsa

Over 1000 people who downloaded this and made it can’t be wrong. A golden wonder

Hungarian Scalloped Potatoes
Serve with salad and eggs – a standard in the brunch repertoire

Some more recipes for subscribers' holiday baking!

Village Baker’s Holiday Cranberry Orange Bread
Sometimes you want holiday flair and something different. This is just the thing. A recipe replication from one of Montreal’s popular French bakeries.

Cherry Blossom Cookies
Worth the price of subscription. Crisp butter cookie, a glaze of chocolate covered cherry fondant and goo – indescribable, instant tradition. Hard to part with results.

Egg Nog Biscotti
A timely mix of spice and crunch

BetterBaking.Com Test Kitchen Holiday Mandarin and Chocolate Glazed Scones
Pretty, buttery, high rising elegant scones

Vintage Fruit Cocktail Cake
With a warm glaze - just think of the compliments. Great company cake

Overnight Cinnamon Buns
How to look like Barbie and bake like a doll. Warm and ready for brunch or breakfast. No sweat, all praise.

Bakeshop Doughnut Muffins
A gift or a morning bite, or guest fare.

Classic Almond Christmas Stolen
Elegant old Europe in New World simplicity

Baker's Best Panettone
Who need's an import? Bake domestic, fix the economy and win friends.

BetterBaking.Com Orange and Chocolate Chip Gift Scones
Buttery, lofty, pastry perfection, the perfect gift


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