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February 2007 Issue - Oreos - 95 Years Young; Over 362 Billion Served

If chocolate be the food of love, bake on. A black and white salute seems apt for Cupid's month. What says black and white and chocolate all over better than one of our favorite commercial cookies, the Oreo? Just look at all the things you can make. Oreos are almost centurions, rounding the 95 year mark. We all should age so timelessly!

!!! Free !!! Oreo Cheesecake
My very own classic, the cheesecake that launched my career.

Big Stuff Oreo Bars
Brownies and Oreos converge into a deluxe bar that is bursting with good things in a big way. Bring these to the office on Valentine's Day and expect to be nominated employee of the month. Hey Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are? Only the best bar around, bar none.

Oreo Layer Cake ©
Chocolate cake, filled with white and dark chocolate, special Oreo mousse, and topped with ganache. A triumph of cookies and cream.

Oreo Cookies for Grown Ups
Crisp, chocolate shortbread cookies, with white chocolate filling.

Oreo Cupcakes
Hold the milk, we got cookies 'n cream cupcakes. A bake sale success story.

Black Bottom Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes
A rich cupcake with cheesecake and amazing Oreo 'streusel'.

Sweetheart Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Bake this in a heart-shaped cheesecake pan if you have one. Oh my word! Cheesecake marries chocolate covered cherries (you know, the ones you have leftover from the holidays?). The result is a fondant, chocolate and cherry goo atop of creamy cheesecake. Is this candy, cheesecake, or heaven? It's certainly not Iowa. And it's for The One - no sharing this with rakes, cads, or dabblers! Ok - friends, family and kids - all ok! You can make half this recipe, and make these into small cheesecake cupcakes, following the same concept in the directives.

Real Fudge Topped Brownies
There are fudge brownies and fudge icing brownies. These are brownies topped with real fudge that is poured on before it sets. Can you imagine? Find someone you love and share. Here briefly; gone next month.

Red Devil's Foodcake Cupcakes
Dark chocolate cupcakes with a slick deep chocolate topping. Yum. A teacher's pet cupcake that suits everyone in the class. These are delicate so handle with care.

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
Everyone likes a rich but easy chocolate cake that whips up in seconds and ices like a dream. Cap it with a glossy cap of sour cream frosting.

Fallen Angel Chocolate Cake with Warm Caramel Sauce
A light but decadent chocolate soufflé cake made extra special with crème brulee topping. Cue violins. Expect a proposal (the decent kind).

Sticky Gooey Banana Toffee Cake
Banana cake as you like it but stuffed with pecans and chocolate and anointed in a gooey toffee topping. This is here for February and gone before the groundhog rechecks his shadow. A stunning cake - my own personal favorite (this month).

Pretty In Pink Strawberry Raspberry Shortcake
In hotel school, 'shortcake' was really a glorious, layered butter cake, along with some simple syrup, sliced fresh berries, and a custard and cream filling, aka crème legere. It was fancy but easy and it makes a fine company dessert when I want something that is not cheesecake, not chocolate, not difficult, and pretty as a spring bouquet. This is a fantasy in red and white, perfect for Valentine's Day and a refreshing change -just what you need in mid winter.

Apple Cinnamon Danish Cheesecake Scones
Cheese Danish with spice and apples..because not everyone likes chocolate.

Breakfast Scones II
Low fat, calcium rich, delectable multi-grain scones that freeze like a dream. Bake up a batch for someone you love and want to keep healthy.




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