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January 2004 Issue - It's a whole new you. The Diet Starts Tomorrow

It’s A Whole New You Omega Bran Muffins
A new year with a new nutritional resolve aka as how complex are your carbs? These have all the right notes without sacrificing flavor or a nice, moist crumb. Bake ‘n freeze.

Cinnamon Chip Coffee Cake
Moist, golden, boldly laced in cinnamon, this cake is a winter brunch and coffee klatch classic.

Almost Commercial Style Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oversized and thick, these cookie rock with crisp edges, dense, chewy centers and a crackly top. Come on, you know you wanna ‘em. Add 10 minutes extra on the ‘dreadmill’ at the gym. Drink with low-fat, extra calcium milk.

Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bread
A shipment of Cabot’s fine sharp white cheddar cheese arrived, as a holiday gift to our test kitchen. Oh the glorious things great cheddar cheese can be baked into. This is one such. All fresh bread is great – this one, toasted, approaches nirvana… a dairy world sort of way.

Red River Cereal Bread


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