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January 2006 Issue - Toasting in the New Year

Honey-of-a-Whole Wheat Bread
Moist, fragrant, lofty whole-wheat which will help you keep some diet resolutions without compromising your taste for great flavor.

Twisty Garlic Bread Rolls
This amazing recipe is now permanently in A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, 2007. We recommend Pizza Blanca instead. Thank you for your understanding..

Russian Coffee Cake with Pineapple Filling
Someone asked for a Delancey Street Bakery style coffeecake. I am guessing this is something like it. This is simply a great dense, bubka tasting, awesome cake. It is better the next day. It is not a round cake – it is a big, boxy pan of this layered dough with an unbeatable filling that all bakes, then compresses into an indescribable. …thing. Pastry? Cake? Strudel? It is in a class by itself. It is probably nothing like Delancey Street but it has New York schmeck all over it. The filling is good enough to eat on its own. This recipe won’t be around long. Get it while it’s hot!

Fantastic Butter Top White Bread
Ever want homemade taste but wonder-bread texture and ease? This is the stuff.
It is probably the most favorite bread of our own testers – the bread they bake when they are not testing a new one!

Fresh Yeast ‘Everything’ Bagels
All the right stuff for a winter’s day – onion/poppy/salt crusted big bagels. If you’re snowed in –this is what you want to bake. If you are out of fresh yeast, a substitution with dry yeast is given. These are big, fresh, amazing bagels that only satisfy palate as much as they impress the home crowd.

Real Butter, Real Homey Crescent Rolls
Move over Pillsbury doughboy. These crescents rolls are puffy, buttery, and bulging with flavor. Our tester just emailed back one word for these: ‘Outstanding’.

Tuscany Bread Salad
How do you make a salad a meal? Add in some bread. This is the Italian answer to fattoush. This is outstanding enough to make once weekly. It is a meal, masquerading as a salad.

Harbor Place’s Potato Cheddar Cheese Bread
More of a batter than a dough this yields a coarse textured bread that is crusty but moist. rough. One of those breads you have on a trip up some coast where you stop at some no-name restaurant and the meal is ok but that bread they served that you took for granted sticks in your memory for years. This is great fresh bread that also keeps well and just is different but excellent.

Romanian Cornmeal and Sweet Cheese Blintz Casserole
If only this is what they really meant by global warming. This is a staying dish that tastes like a giant, golden blintz; only you cut it in squares. It takes literally seconds to whip this up and is brunch of lunch fare.

Apricot Raisin Pinwheel Cookies
Soul satisfying cookies. Wholesome, rustic, sweet, crisp, soft, fruity – it produces a glow of well being in each bite.

Hungarian Light Rye Bread
A little Euro-rye in your bread is like perfume of the baking gods.

Pam Pam Restaurant Hungarian Cheese Sandwich
Mamke the secret spread recipe and add the fixin’s and you have the famed sandwich from this Montreal/Hungarian coffee hotspot, now a memory, if not for this recipe. Serve with a bowl of Hungarian Bean Soup.




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