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July 2005 Issue - Don't Be Late....

Canucks Do It Sweeter....

!!!FREE!!! Our Best Canadian Buttertarts, Eh?
How could so few ingredients create something so darned good?
A Canuck hall of famer.

Maple Kiss Butter Cashew Nuggets
Dense and crunchy tiny dipping cookies with an emphatic maple cashew bite.
Bet you can’t eat just one.

Plus Red, White and Blue Baking…..

American Strawberry Shortcake With 1860 Cream Biscuits
The most tender, flaky itsy-bitsy scone you will ever create. Serve these mini scones as a whipped cream and fresh berry ‘sandwich’ for an out-of-hand shortcake.

White Chocolate Raspberry Pecan Blondies
Caramel infused bars studded with white chocolate and the zing of summer raspberries.

Starbucks Blueberry Bars
Chasing the 'blues' away via these magnificent chunky, fruity, cafè styled bars.

Our Picnic Basket
Savory Stuff

!!!FREE!!! Muffaletta
The only hard part about this is how to spell it.

Calzone with attitude: gourmet awesome but as easy as a pizza-pie.

Fireworks Picnic Chicken
Hold the waterworks ‘n keep up the heat in this crowd-pleasing dish.

Mango Chutney
A heat tamer for the chicken.

Tuscany Bread and Panchetta Salad
Caesar salad takes a dive. A new classic.

Just add all-American ballpark mustard for a fabulous snack.

The Picnic Basket, Sweeties

Ice-Box French Pastry Squares
A local restaurant goes through acres of these daily. Whips up as fast as Jell-O-O and tastes like Paris patisserie. One for the cottage; one for the tailgate.

Retro Pineapple Cake With Condensed Milk Icing

Little Batch Chewy Brownies
What’s a picnic without something in chocolate?

Hummingbird Cake
A little bird reminded me of what a humdinger of a cake this is.
Carrot cake’s predecessor.

Orange Creamsicle © Loaf Cake
That flavor we love on a stick so why not in a cake?
A great slicing cake for the hamper.

Pie Dough Apple Strudel
Frozen supermarket apple slices, a bit of homemade pie dough and sufferin’ succotash, you got strudel in minutes.

Gingerale Pound Cake
Schweppe away by flavor or American prefers Canada Dry?

Notable Portables

Nantucket Cranberry Orange Iced Tea
Great Iced Tea has a secret –don’t use hot water! Tote some of this incredible orange cranberry tea in a Mason jar to wash down the other fare.

Back Deck Lemonade
What could be more summery? Throw out the powdered stuff; resist the bottled grocer’s version. This is the real McCoy.

Green Tea, Chamomile and Honey Iced Tea
Some soothin’ for the spirit. No caffeine, anti-oxidants and honey in case you’re feeling bearish.

Thai Iced Coffee
A bit of cardamom makes this Asian inspired; leave it out if you must or add a touch of vanilla. Thanksgiving’ Coffee, Paul’s Blend is perfect for this brew.


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