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July 2006 Issue - Picnics Then and Now and Then. Have Picnics Changed?

Maple Cream Muffins
Eh Canada? We rock! Tender, golden muffins (think Bambi but in a muffin) redolent with pure maple syrup and a crowning halo of cheesecake filling, all nicely haunted by a toasted walnut butter salute. How long did it take to create such a dominion of flavor? From the country that gave you the space arm, basketball, the 4th down in football, poutine, smoked meat, and trendy Crocs, another gift from up North in a maple dream of a muffin.

Marcy's Café Style © 2006 Recipe
All American Dream Bars
Celebrate July 4th !
What else could you call a moxy-filled bar that packs in every notion, every possibility of flavor into a colossal block of sweet goodness? How else to describe a bar that touches on Tollhouse, diner style marshmallow topping, and mixes up cheesecake with blondie and brownie batter? Another Marcy's Café Style Recipe © 2006, in honor of American's 230th birthday. For two centuries, a score and ten, you're lookin' good, girl. Go have a bar - you deserve it! Barring a rain-out, these squares will make the picnic.

Miss Liberty Cheesecake
Back due to popular demand: Dreamy, creamy white chocolate cheesecake topped with a shower of fresh blueberries and a battalion of raspberries, all glazed with a slick apricot jam shine, and sides coated with chopped white chocolate. Cue fireworks.

Retro Southern Tea Room Caramel Cake
A golden crumbed cake, that is moist but not too heavy (nor too light) finished in a retro glaze/frosting of brown sugar and butter. It tastes like penuche fudge soaked into a glorious yellow cake. If you haven't been to
Pleasantville Diner and had this layer cake, now's your chance. Slice a thick wedge, pour a glass of milk and meditate.

Lemon Cream Pie Cupcakes
Less messy than lemon pie for packing in a picnic basket, these are tangy delights, of vanilla lemon cupcakes, complete with a buried treasure filling of lemon pie filling. Outstanding, one of a kind, signature cupcakes! Miniatures are fine but large ones are what you want for the baseball or soccer team.

Mallamar Deep Chocolate Layer Cake
A gorgeous, fine-grained, moist deep chocolate cake, slathered with marshmallow cream and a fudge glaze topping. The chocolate extract, available from Nielsen Massey Vanilla Company is optional but does a nice
job of intensifying the pure chocolate taste. This is a high standing sweet that is a kid and adult equal opportunity treat. Kid approved, adults permitted. Just show up with a tall glass of milk.

Country Style Sour Cream Corn Muffins
Pack these in your picnic basket! Tuna cans make a great muffin mold but use traditional muffin molds if you prefer. Crunchy, moist, corn muffins that one of our testers has not stopped making since she tested it. If your
store, somewhere in the North East U.S. is chronically our of stoneground cornmeal, blame our tester!

The "O" List Lemon Lime Bundt Cake
A Marcy Goldman Café Style Signature Recipe ©
Boy, does this recipe get hit on! It is an easy but zesty lemon-lime wonder that slices into neat, crumb-free, moist wedges. It is soaked thru and thru with lime-lemon syrup and anointed with a tangy cream cheese glaze. It has become a signature recipe of mine for all the right reasons. It is the picnic-maker.

Greek Salad Bread
Zorba approved - An outstanding quick sourdough bread, stuffed with chunks of feta, barely melting into the dough, all decked out with olives, and anointed with olive oil, showered with fresh parsley, oregano and a good
show of black pepper. Slice it thick, serve it proudly. This bread is a meal.

Onion Skin and Tea Infused Pickled Eggs
Diner style hard-cooked eggs with a new spin. These are gorgeous, intriguing and easy to pack. Serve with side salads, fresh rolls, or a summery salsa.

Portuguese Restaurant BBQ Vinegar Wings
A secret recipe from a Portuguese restaurateur. These are so easy and so addictive they might replace your usual batch of BBQ sauced drenched wings or Buffalo Wings. They are best on the grill but work in a 400 F oven too. They are good hot and great...cold! Perfect picnic food. Psst! Don't share this recipe. It took forever to get the low-down from the restaurant that finally divulged the secret ingredients and the method.

Beer Can Chicken
A summer classic like no other. It is good on a grill or in the oven, hot or cold. This method seasons and plumps up the chicken in an amazing way. Just don't drink the beer afterwards (unless you like your beer laced with a ton of savory spices). This is my own favorite approach to this wacky but good recipe and technique.

Famous Layered Ice-Box Salad
Many layers, many tastes, all made ahead and dished out neat. This is salad, done picnic style. But this is salad made for rained out picnics too. It is just as good if you 'take it inside'.

!!!FREE!!! Molini Pizzuti Recipe
Italian Picnic Bread or Centi Pelli. Make a special, enriched pizza dough with famed Molini Pizzuti OO Flour.
Stuff it to the gills with savory things, give it a short rise, bake and slice into huge hunks. Great hot or picnic-cold -this is far more exotic than an egg salad sandwich.


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