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June 2004 Issue - Mo' Jazz, Mo' Better. Mo' Bread, Mo' Hotter

French Market Beignets
Cool jazz, hot beignets, coffee and something in a Coltrane, Davis, Brecker or Marsalis? What’s jazz without the sweet spot…..

My Big Fat Greek Wedding “S” Cookies
“OO” Flour and “S” Cookies, what’s with the alphabet letters? Is it Sesame Street Cuisine? These are over-sized, golden, sweet, crunchy, crisp, crumbly cookies that are the go-with for ice-tea and homey lemonade. A quintessential summer cookie to tuck beside a bowl of raspberries and cream or atop homemade vanilla or mango ice-cream.

This is not a bread and not a casserole….exactly. It tastes like nothing else you have ever had, whips up like a batter but cuts like a loaf. It is an oniony, bready sort of thing that is a great side dish for a Father’s Day BBA, or, served cold with a hunk of cheese, is a great lunch, and even better, picnic dish. Versions of this vintage recipe (all untested!) are all over the Net and more prominently, in George Greenstein’s cookbook. It bakes up crisp, browned and so beguiling you will forget to offer it as part of a meal and just eat it all, at one sitting – as the meal.

Italian Flour Pizza Dough
They call it “OO” Flour, from Italy but it makes a ‘10’ of a pizza dough. This flour is available in gourmet stores online (or email us at BB) and makes the most supple, sumptuous, rustic, gourmet pizza dough ever. Crushed plum tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs, fresh mozzerella slices and you are smokin’. If you outta OO flour, make it with all-purpose (while you scout out a source of supply). Check for where to get OO flour at

Banana Bread Biscotti

Supermarket Yellow Cake For Strawberry Shortcake

Andrea’s Fudge Cake

Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough

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