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March 2004 Issue - We'll always have Paris......baguettes

Paris Baguette or A Passion for the Crust
Ever get stuck on a grove – but a good grove? Recently, I found a way to crispy, crusty, bread that is so easy, I have been making this recipe once a day ever since. Somebody, stop me (but soon, not yet). So, they went to Paris and all they brought back was the baguette recipe? Ah heck, just bake it. There’s al

Krispie Kreme move over! These doughnuts, with a proudly Polish heritage are made of a tender brioche-like dough. A Detroit specialty at this time of year, now they’re one of ours. A Mardi Gras/Lenten treat.

Cherry Garcia Chocolate Chunk Cookies
One of our most requested recipes from the new cookbook. It never fails to strike a sweet chord. A bonus this month – making the Baker’s Batch a baker’s half dozen (that means 7 recipes, count ‘em)

Oven Apple Pancake
Two cups of pancake mix, four jaunty Macs and thou. A puffy, sweet little pancake for two or more. Memories of Fat Tuesday anytime – anywhere. Quick, easy, gorgeous diner fare for a Sunday brunch in March.

Best Ever Apricot Hamantashen
Delicate, buttery dough. Tangy, vibrant filling. Eat one, scoff down a dozen but try to remember to share. After all, that’s the Purim spirit.

Traditional Irish Soda Bread with Dark Raisins
One of those things that should be celebrated – a wheaty, honest, soda-risen loaf that is all heart and heart, all tradition and beautiful simplicity. If you haven’t made Irish Soda bread, had it slathered with sweet butter and a cup’o Assam tea, you’ve been missing a slice of something divine and totally unsung. Do take up the torch for this round, homey loaf.

King Congo Bars
Packed with chocolate, brown sugar, and butter in a confection-like classic bar that is not an Atkins recommendation. It is however, these are good for medicinal occasions such as yucky Mondays, hectic Saturdays, washing machine repairmen that didn’t show, and lost-your-car-again sort of days. Hear the Congo drumbeat? It’s saying ‘eat me’. Bada-dum.

Mardi Gras King’s Cake
The classis made easy.

Flower Pot Soda Bread
Pretty and tasty and unique.

Cherry Chocolate Orange Soda Bread
Gourmet soda bread from your own boutique.

Almost Commercial Chocolate Chip Cookies
Big, bold, homey but yet…..commercial style.


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