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March 2005 Issue - Baking with A Broque, A Salute to Irish Baking Plus A Truckload of Extra Recipes, Purim, and Passover

My Very Best Classic Irish Soda Bread !!!Free Recipe!!!
The best things in life are simple. To me, this Irish Soda Bread is better than croissants but don’t tell my French pastry chef friends.

A Fine Irish Stew !!!Free Recipe!!!
Shiver me timbers, there’s still a chill in the air. Chase it away with a bowl of Irish Stew, straight up. Mop the plate with our chive and potato bread.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Cake With Fudge Glaze
Tall and stately, delicate, moist grain and a sinful glaze is how I describe my best chocolate cake ever –after 18 years of professional baking! If you bake nothing else this week, make it this cake. The glaze sets into a truffle-like consistency as if a Godiva truffle melted over its top.

Mr. O’Brien’s Potato Bread With Chives
What is more natural than new shoots of green onions and potatoes?

Top 'O the Morning Sweet Soda Bread
Sweeter, finer grained soda bread taste with quick bread aspirations. A blue-ribbon winner.

Irish Apple Cake with Guinness
How are things in Glocca Morra indeed? After this luscious cake, things are A-ok.

Quay Strawberry Rhubarb Scones
A swirl of red strawberry preserves creates sweet havoc in tender and flaky scone, replete with tiny chunks of sugared rhubarb.

Good 'N Hearty Irish Brown Bread
’Everything that rises must converge’, to quote the baker and Irish short story author Flannery O’Connor. A beautiful whole wheat bread, perfect for toast and real marmalade or for sandwiches and ale.

Look to the Rainbow Cookies
A charming butter cookie in four pretty hues create this mystic rainbow. Follow the fellow who follows the dream…..and follows this recipe. Wonderful bakery style cookies that are visually captivating.

Celtic Oatmeal Coconut Crunch Tea Cake
Regular oatmeal or Irish McCann’s Quick Oatmeal stars in this round, buttery little cake that is singing with brown-sugar and topped with a pecan/coconut broiled topping. A typical Irish teacake that is now a regular in the BB Test Kitchen

More Holiday Recipes and The Real Perfect Cupcake Recipe

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes
Yes, a glitch we have to own up to. Here is the recipe that works and is as perfect as you would expect and free for another month. Thank you to those who alerted us.

Chocolate Bear Cinnamon Buns
Why didn't we think of this before. Maple variation too!

Cherry Cake Doughnut Coffeecake with Cherry Fondant Glaze
Inventive and resounding flavor in each tender bite. Easter-ish or spring-like cake. Cut off a hunk and enjoy.

Bakery Style Hamantashen Dough !!!Free Recipe!!!
My favorite (ok, it's a tie with one other)

Bubbie’s Orange Oil Classic Hamantashen Dough !!!Free Recipe!!!
Sometimes about this is incredibly homey.

My Special Chocolate Peanut Butter Hamantashen Filling
Gourmet shop new taste.

Pear and Peach Hamantashen Filling
Ambrosial new fruit filling.

Classic Hot Cross Buns !!!Free Recipe!!!
Forget store-bought! Make the dough in the bread machine

Mock Hot Cross Buns !!!Free Recipe!!!
A test kitchen favorite all year round.

Tea Infused Pickled Eggs
Snacks for the holidays

Pickled Pink Eggs
Beets provide the pink; spice perks up the eggs. Happy Easter

New Zealand Cinnamon Toast Bread
A tale of two cinnamon breads. Sort of like....brioche in a cinnamon coating. Just sublime.

Quick Fix Fudge Brownie Tart
Bring this in to the office on a Friday near you or make it for a mid-week treat for friends. This is easy as pie (only it’s a tart), and features a dense brownie batter inside a buttery pie crust. Top with melted chocolate, drizzle on white chocolate (and toasted almonds) and you have a slice worthy of raves.

Toronto Blueberry Buns
Is it true? Toronto has something Montreal bakeries don’t? According to culinary writer/reporter Matthew Goodman buns from the Open Window Bakery are legend. His recipe, calls for a lean dough and vegetable shortening. The BB Test kitchen used butter and/or oil, (we are not keen on shortening until it is the new no trans fat one by Crisco), and made the dough a bit richer to offset staling. The result is a plump blueberry bun that is authentic Open Window Bakery inspired but …..better (we think).

Chewy, Crisp, Big, Caramel, Old-Fashioned General Store Oatmeal Cookies Golden wonders, chocka full with raisins, this is so incredibly satisfying in each and every bite.

Cinnamon Toast Bread
Ever buy that Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal and wonder, heck- why not just have cinnamon toast? Now you can.


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