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March 2006 Issue - It Isnít Surprisiní the Temperatureís Risiní,
Weíre Havana Heat Wave

!!! FREE!!! Tropicana Biscotti
Island sunshine in every bite. Tropical inspired biscotti with a Florida
orange juice 'n rum glaze.

Hawaiian White Chocolate Coconut Cake
This is not a cake; it is a symphony. White chocolate golden cake, fused with Madagascar vanilla and touches of lime.

Aztec Chocolate Cupcakes
Cupcakes of the gods. A dark, deeply chocolate cupcake that whips up in minutes and bakes into the Best Chocolate Cupcake Ever. Dip them in melted chocolate or a simple cocoa glaze to finish them off. Brush up on your math; you going to want to double the recipe immediately.

Sticky Toffee Date Cake with Hot Buttered Toffee Sauce
Down under, itís still warm as toast. Good time to enjoy the Aussie Tiramisu of 2006 Ė a cake version of marvelous sticky toffee pudding. Btw, you donít taste the dates in this recipe; they just provide the Ďgooí and richness of this cake.

Cuban Bread
This is a great bread that is made for Cuban Sandwiches or anything else you can stack on it. Palm fronds or banana leaves optional.

Orange Alphahores Dulce De Leche Cookies
These are worth the price of many private tango lessons. Nothing outpaces this delicate almond orange shortbread sandwich with a dreamy caramel filling. A brief dip in melted Belgium milk chocolate is the final coup.

Pineapple Lei Over Tart
Filo, cream, and pineapple in a pastry tart that is sunny, speedy and sumptuous.

Trois Leches or Three Milk Cake
Hola! We want seconds on Three Milk Cake. This is a luscious, tender but quick and easy cake that whips up like a cobbler but tastes like cheesecake.

Java Banana Loaf
Coffee, bananas, macadamia nuts all in one moist, homey loaf. Not your grandmotherís banana bread.

Sour Orange Bars
Remember lemon bars? Sweet, sour and tangy? This is the same old done to a new beat. Lime and orange combine to make these the sassiest squares this side of the equator.

Key Largo Lime Tart
Salsa over to Lime Lane. A sensational Key Lime Tart to wake you up before you go-go. Creamy, tangy, exotic.

Caramelized Pineapple Island Cake
A golden sour cream cake topped with a halo of caramelized pineapple chunks, set in a macadamia nut streusel. This is not a coffee break treat; this is siesta stuff.

Some Seasonal Treats
We didnít forget St. Patís, Pancake Tuesday or Purim nor a nod to the sugar shacks of maple country.

Miniature Irish Soda Breads
Donít ye be feeliní green when you can score someone the perfect gift of baby versions of classic Irish Soda bread.

Apple Pie Hamantashen
Make your own apple filling or the quick-baker method (both included). Why didnít I think of these a million years ago?

Mango Strawberry Hamantashen
Hamantashen goes south. The filling is the hue of a Californian sunset and tastes absolutely heavenly. Tropical hamantashen is just what you need for Purim 2006. Queen Ester approved.

American Irish Cinnamon Soda Bread
A bit richer, sweeter and a kiss of cinnamon makes this special.

Flapjack Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
A new twist for Shrove Tuesday Ė flapjack cookies. These are almost the size of a small crepe with the taste of the most delectable, thing-as-Pringles sugar cookie you ever had. A dusting of maple sugar or colored sprinkles and you have a quick treat that stack high as flapjacks but disappear like silver dollars.

Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes
Donít reserve these for Fat Tuesday! These are the tenderest morsels, parading as pancakes; you will ever sink your fork into. A great way to make use of the new maple syrup.

Walnut Maple Oatmeal Sweet Biscuits
Sweet, rustic, homey dessert biscuits in time for the maple run.

When Bakers Cook
Some Savory Beats

Tortilla Soup
Chicken strips, cilantro, and crisp corn tortillas fried and crumbled on top. Is this good? Natcho-ly.

Pastry pockets filled with cumin seasoned ground beef. There are tons of ways to make these Latin calzones but they are always great.

Salvadorian Onion Salad
Talk about heat! This secret recipe for onion and Scotch bonnet pepper salad is for heat seekers. Addictive and different.

Black Bean Soup
This is one for your repertoire Ė smoky yet vegetarian, itís got a flavor you will sop up in a flash with a hunk of Cuban Bread.


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