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October 2004 Issue - Batter Up. For the Love of the Grain

Fried Dough From the Field of Dreams
This is the treat for which I am most famous for bringing to baseball fields, near and far. The umpires in twelve counties remember me for this. The parents of the team we blanked 12-0 in the '03 playoffs forgave us when I handed out the recipe. So, what are you waiting for? Use a bread machine to shortcut the dough preparation.

The Splitter (Fried Hotdogs)
Sounds awful, tastes great. Split a super size kosher hotdog, deep-fry it, and stack it on a bun with ballpark mustard. Heard about this specialty of a snack bar somewhere in New Jersey (Delaware?), tested it, adopted it.

Candy Apples
Is this vintage stadium food or Halloween fare? If you were going to bake with Granny Smith, this would be a good time. But Macintosh, Cortland, Royal Gala also work. Kid stuff to make, kid stuff to eat but so pretty and so fun. Head out to the dollar store to get the Popsicle sticks and some cello paper to wrap them.

Caramel Corn
Don’t get me started.

Batter Up Belgium Waffles
An early game of pitch and catch or an autumn brunch – you need something staying. These are golden, buttery, and decadent waffles. The only gridlock will be the stampede to the kitchen.

Fall Classic Cinnamon Bread
A little bread, plump and jaunty, hints of cinnamon (nothing overpowering) and studded with raisins. Let it rise in the fridge overnight and bake it before the house wakes up (yeah, right, you are saying. Come on!).
Wakey, wakey, it’s a new day.

Pumpkin Pie Biscotti
Oh Canada, oh thanksgiving in October. Use half the can of pumpkin filling for your pie and the other half in this blue ribbon recipe from BB. (Pumpkin Pies galore are in our Archives….and check out the Brined Roast Turkey too)
One of BB’s all-time most hit on recipes.

Ontario Butter Tart Squares
Another Canuck Thanksgiving or anytime treat. If you like your sweeties real sweet (pecan pie sweet), than this will suit. You can also use pre-made miniature tart shells with the filling for a more traditional version of this classic. A great keeper if you want to make this ahead.

Diner Style, Old-Fashioned Apple Crisp
How long has it been since you had this or made it for someone?

Caramel, apples, cinnamon, and a nutty oatmeal crisp topping. Who can ask for anything more?

McIntosh and Cortland Country Apple Pie
A touch of that amazing Vermont apple syrup again in this great country pie. If you do not have these apples where you are, just try to find a combination of semi-firm baking/eating apples that are mostly sweet with a hint of tart. The big news on pie dough these days is Crisco’s new No Trans Fats version of their shortening. Look for the green can. We tried it. We liked it. We feel better about shortening lately.

Original Cornell Bread
One of America first, cult, health food breads. Updated with a smidge of flax seed.

Olive Coil Bread
What marvelous things you find at Farmer’s Markets. This weird/good/zesty/heavenly little bread was a treat-in-hiding at the cheese store at Montreal’s Atwater Market. To recreate it was a labor of love. A lean dough, olives, garlic, all coiled up and baked into the perfect something for a tailgate picnic.

Secret Ingredient Legendary Cheesecake
How amazing is cheesecake! Like bread, you change one element, or you fiddle ever so much with this or that and before you can say, cheesecake is really an added source of needed calcium, another cheesecake is born. I have made many cheesecakes. All good. All special. But this, (eyes downcast, tone is modest), this is my best (well, wait – there is also the Oreo, the Chocolate Eruption and my White Chocolate Raspberry). The secret? It seems to be the can of Devon double cream I had, otherwise known as Carnation (sometimes Nestlé’s has it) Thick Cream. It makes for the most luscious, remarkably smooth (but not mushy) cheesecake ever.

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Refrigerator Bran Muffins

King Congo Bars
3000 people voted this one outstanding bar of the year


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