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August 2006 - Vital Signs ….. A Circle of Wheat; A Never Ending Mystery…


The Collector’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Collection

Marcy’s Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies
A Coffee Bistro Recipe ©
The original, legendary Levain cookies in New York inspired this recipe of my own, but do check out for more about these cookies, that drew raves from the New York Times.. My own verson of these cookies are indeed legend. These are not cookies; these are an enterprise. You need two hands to hold one. Big, chewy, crispy, satisfying, reputation-building cookies. Tip: you need a small kitchen scale to make these to make sure you have exactly enough batter per cookie.

!! FREE!! Original Tollhouse
When Ruth Wakefield invented this cookie, she became one of our first

cookie entrepreneurs. Read more in the recipe headnote about this amazing cookie that helped put Nestlé’s on the map.


The Big O Oatmeal Cookie
A Coffee Bistro Recipe ©

Oatmeal cookies deserve equal billing in my book.  Extra big, extra chewy, extra sweet and good. These are mother lode oatmeal cookies that shine in one of those 2-Gallon glass general store cookie jars . Anchor Hocking or restaurant supply stores should have them. Two types of oatmeal make these perfect.


Baseball Cookies
Winningest cookies! The boys of summer will devour these cookies in one inning. promoted Cooperstown Cookies Co., the brains behind terrific shortbread cookies that feature baseball seams on them. My version is a rich butter cookie with the designated hit of added chocolate chips. It all makes for a playoff treat. Change the ‘seams’ and you can make these dugout favorites in a football or soccer motif. Win or loose, the team will sing your praises. Check out for the originals.


Cherry Garcia Classic
Over 5400 downloads! That’s a cookie in a groove.
This is indeed, a cookie to be grateful for. It is in my Best of cookbook and on the site (briefly) to the tune of over 5400 downloads. Spin that! This is a decadent, cherry stuffed, chocolate gourmet cookie like no other. It first appeared in my first cookie feature, years ago, for the Washington Post. Tons of features later, the Washington Post folks seem to remember this recipe best.

Chocolate Version Almost Cherry Garcia Cookies

Inspired by Ben and Jerry's wonderful Cherry Garcia ice cream, this chocolate version is chock full of dried, sour cherries, chunks of white and dark chocolate and buttery pecans, inset in a rich chocolate cookie dough. Marinating the cherries overnight in cherry liqueur greatly adds to the bouquet of flavor in these cookies but if you are in a hurry for cookie nirvana, you can omit this bit of prep


Almost Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Just for fun. These take margarine, as do the originals, although some replications call for oil. The Famous Amos story is almost better than the recipe.

A very tender, crisp, munchable spin on Tollhouse Cookies.


David’s Cookies by Marcy
How can something simple taste so good? Small, buttery, luscious cookies that marked the second coming of Tollhouse.  It’s all in the chocolate you use. If you can also find a better butter (Plugra…when or when will you come to Canada?), use it.


Chips Ahoy Matey Cookies
Little appetites like cookies like the ‘store’. There’s no accounting for taste. These are however, like the ‘store’ brand but healthier because they are homemade. Still crunchy, fun, and with that commercial flair.

McDonald’s Style Drive Thru Chocolate Chips Cookies

McCookies at home. The real deal, real easy….just try them. A birthday party must, a bakesale favorite.


!!! Free!! Mrs. Field’s or the $250.00 Cookie Recipe

I don’t know how urban legends start. There is salmon in the dishwasher, grilled cheese sandwiches made on engine blocks and this fabulous cookie recipe. The story of this recipe (check on Google) never fails to charm, nor does the cookie.


The Real Nieman Marcus Cookie

Another $250.00 cookie recipe. The real McCoy purportedly as served from Nieman Marcus restaurant.


Simply Delicious Tollhouse Pie
This is made lightening quick if you have a prepared pie shell. The flavor of Tollhouse cookies but in a pie that slices up into decadence. Ice cream is optional. Over 2700 downloads and umpteen servings!


Tollhouse Swiss Chocolate Chunk Scones
Rich, tender, flaky. Golden, brown sugar scones, chunked up a notch.
Chunks of Swiss chocolate in a vanilla and cream scone batter. I call these Ellen’s Scones, in honor of the BB Test Kitchen Manager who loves anything as long as it’s chocolate!

Some Autumnal & Canadian Thanksgiving Treats

Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Leftover pumpkin bread (or even honey cake) is sublime, baked up into this spice and vanilla, gorgeous, decadent bread pudding. Serve warm as comfort food with crème anglaise or in cold, midnight snack hunks.


Alsatian Apple Tart
This is one of the first tarts anyone learns in hotel school or if you are from Alsace, by your mother’s side. Concentric circles of tender apple, set in rich, vanilla cream, finished with a veneer of apricot glaze.


Applesauce Sour Cream Pound Cake
Big, bold, moist, simple – hey, pass me a slice! This cake calls for raisins and nuts but it also is nice with dried or fresh cranberries, chocolate chunks or really, absolutely wonderfully with nothing added.   I have never made a cake that has a better perfume-while-baking than this one! This is one trooper of a hospitality cake.

Diner Style, Old Fashioned Apple Crisp
If you can’t remember the last time you had this, it is time to make it again. Enjoy the mellow taste of apples, set in a caramelized foundation, and topped with a nutty, brown sugar and oatmeal crisp topping. This is also sublime with diced apricots or the fresh pears of fall and can turn an omelet and baguette supper into a feast.


Best Ever Brined Thanksgiving Turkey

A sumptuous, tender turkey that is as good, if not better, than traditional roast turkey. Fail proof and flavorful.


Halloween Treats Bonus


Pumpkin Cupcakes
Don’t forget Halloween! Nothing to get spooked about with these tender, spice-kissed pumpkin cupcakes. Frost white or orange, and add some black licorice or candy corn. Treat, no trick!


Big Red Candy Mountain Candy Apples
These are the classic candy apples but with a twist. You can have flavor in the coating (strawberry, cherry, mint, or vanilla) by using the fine, all-natural flavor oils from our friends at Use Granny Smith or crisp, sweet red apples for these amazing, old-fashioned treats. Cello wrap from the florist makes these look professional.



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