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September 2004 Issue - Catcher of the Rye
A Day in Wheatland. Imagine a Whole Week.

Catcher of the Rye Cranberry Currant and Dark Rye Rolls

Coca Cola New Year’s Honey Cake
Hi Honey, I’m home, and I made you another mile high, moist, incredible honey cake. Another opening, another showcase honey cake

New Year’s Concord Grape Mandelbrot
Seedless Concord grapes made this possible. Yes, seedless Concord grapes are now available. Gourmet shop mandelbrot/biscotti to wow your friends. This is anything but the pits.

Fresh Yeast, Round, Raisin Sweet Challah
A challah with any other yeast would almost be as sweet but something about fresh yeast makes all breads more alive. Fresh yeast gives you that ‘bakery’ scent like no other yeast can.

Holiday Apple Cake with Three Types of Apples
A simple cake made sumptuous with apple selectivity. A touch of Macs, a dash of Granny Smith, and a shower of Cortland.

Rugulah Squares
Smart, yes? No rolling, no fussing – almost a rugulah lasagna.Lazy but brilliant. Lazy, but brilliant.

Back to School, Big Fat ‘N Fudgy Shoebox Brownies
Remember crackly topped, made-with-real, melted chocolate brownies?

Zucchini Cinnamon Lemon Bread (Or Muffins)
Slivers of lemon grace the top for a more polished look.

Farmer’s Market Apple Cranberry Muffins
Stuff ‘em in a lunch or take them on your commute. Tart, sweet, moist muffins with a cinnamon flair.

Asiago Cheese Scones


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