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September 2005 Issue - Baking by the Code Grainy Goodness Recipe Collection

Featured Recipes!!!!
!!!FREE!!! Our Famous 12 Grain Bread

!!!FREE!!! The Bakerís Code of Baking

!!!FREE!!! Benefits of Benevolent Whole Grains

!!!FREE!!! Tricks of the Trade, Baking with Whole Grains

Honey, Fruit, Pine Nut and Almond Travelerís Bars
Granola bars circa Abraham or Noah? These are complex carbs with attitude.

Da Vinciís Chocolate Candied Fruitcake From Siena
Our Test Kitchen Manager came home from Italy with a gift of real paneforte Ė a chocolate and spice version, studded with whole almonds. Paneforte hails from the Crusades but itís no sacrifice. This pure indulgence and different than anything you ever baked or snacked on.

Honey Syrup Infused Nut Shortbread Cookies
Small rounds of buttery shortbread anointed with baklava syrup turn these cookies into pastry.

Halvah Orange Scented Multi Grain Scones
Crusty, sweet, fragrant Ė another era; another world of scone

White Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough
Ah, a passion for the crust. Everyone loves this dough. It is uncompromised pizzeria style dough with an added bolt of sweet but nutritious white whole-wheat grain. This fall, white whole-wheat flour is hotter than velvet blazers and Fry Cowboy boots. Stock up at Hodgson Mills or King Arthur Flour.

Wheat Honey and Buttermilk English Muffins
Start your toasters. Soften the butter.

Injeera or Blue Nile Flatbread
Stir up a batch, have some hummus and marinated salads nearby and you have a feast. A rustic but unique, moist flatbread that wonít leave you as parched as the desert.

Plus Some Seasonal TreatsÖ.

McIntosh Apple and Honey Cake
A mellow beginning for whatís up ahead

My Very First Zucchini Loaf
Who doesnít remember their first time? I made this recipe way back when carrot and zucchini breads were considered rogue baking. Isnít it time you tasted it again for the first time? You know you have to Ėzucchini is taking over.

Summerís End Blueberry Bread Pudding
Donít be blue, bake yourself a bit of summer in this sumptuous bread pudding. Serve with blueberry syrup and yogurt and a good book


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