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Muffins - Scones

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Have a shorter name to name these fabulous, crusty topped moist-interior muffins? Doesn't matter - these have the goodness of applesauce, buttermilk, wheat germ, oat bran, wheat bran, and also offer precious little fat and only one egg (and make it an Omega 3 Egg if you please). These muffins are incredibly tasty, rustic, and good for you. They are also real appetite zappers. You can replace half the whole-wheat flour with kamut or spelt if you prefer.

These are baked nicely crusty, in a perfect contrast to their buttery interiors. Topped with a thick glaze.
These are hearty and delicious. I cut them with a large heart-shaped cutter.

Just a bite. A tiny bite. I don’t want to eat another thing. I cannot have one more, big, sweet thing…or, alright, a little scone. Two bites and it’s-gone-scones, aka, Baby Scones. These are wonderful between the holiday gifts or a gotta-bake and/or just want just a wee, sweet nibble sort of recipe. Because of their luscious glaze, these freeze beautifully too.

A 9 cup food processor can handle this recipe but if yours is smaller,  switch to your stand mixer for this adult and kid-charming recipe. The Oreo cookie bottom bakes right into the batter making a sweet solid base and nice change of texture as you bit through these gems. Use any type of Oreos you like (Double Stuff or Chocolate or special editions). These are a delicate, black and white cupcake, studded with chopped Oreos on top and a drizzle of chocolate glaze. Great summer food or party fare for kids.

Over 9000 downloads! This is the secret formula of one of my legendary recipes but in in a consumer friendly amount. (Actually I started with a small recipe and once it took off, in a restaurant I consulted for, I scaled it up into batches of 40 dozen!) Blueberries make these a summer hit or try apples anytime or banana chunk - anything you like but rhubarb is something I always have on hand in the freezer. This is my go-to fruit muffin recipe that never fails me.

A tender vanilla scone is topped with the best and thickest apricot preserves you can find and a dollop of sweetened cream cheese batter. Rich but formed in small scones for just a few decadent bites. Even though these are scones, they taste like a collision of peach Danish and New York cheesecake.

Tiny scone hearts, studded with white chocolate and bits of dried strawberries, and topped with a luscious pink glaze. Serve warm with espresso or pack in a basket with some tea. You can also coat these in melted white chocolate instead of the fondant glaze and substitute minced cherries for the strawberries. These are nice given out as gifts -you can also decorate them, while the glaze is soft, with tiny heart candies or red chocolate chips.

A large, commercial bakery that still exists, used to make these marvelous little corn cakes. They look like one of those Betty Crocker kid-sized layer cakes but are a cross between cornbread and a corn muffin. The company no longer makes these but everyone that knew them remembered these delightful corn cakes as being great either warmed up in a toaster plain, buttered, or with jam. A drizzle of melted butter and honey gives these the characteristic Pom Bakery moist surface and makes the corn flavor positively sing out. These freeze beautifully. To bake, you scoop them with an ice-cream scooper and them pat them down slightly. They obligingly bake up into flat, moist cakes no bigger than 4-5 good bites. Stuffed with fiber rich stoneground cornmeal or use regular cornmeal. If you could find a Mary Ann mold or a tiny layer cake pan, a la Betty Crocker kids' bakeset vintage - that would be the perfect mold for these (to make them Pom Bakery authentic). If baking in a mold, let the batter be a tiny bit softer (as the mold will support them). These are delicious as well as nostalgic.

These easy-to-make hearty wedges go well with soup or salad. They are moist, golden brown, savory scones that are a nice change from bread and rolls. Up the whole wheat flour for more nutrition and leave the skins on the potatoes for fiber.
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