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Muffins - Scones

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Our New York Tester pronounced these ‘fantastic’, cursed them for a temporary weight gain and said she would make them ‘again and again’. What more could you ask for in a summery corn muffin? These are big, bold, corn muffins that are moist and yet have that wonderful texture you get in those mushroom capped café style muffins –dense, sweet, and crumbly all at once. Raisins are really spectacular in these but blueberries or nothing at all (!) is perfect. Corn flour is available from Hodgson Mill or you can sometimes find it in a supermarket. If you don’t have it, use the cornmeal called for and replace the corn flour with all-purpose flour. This recipe is easily mixed up  by hand with canola or vegetable oil but melted butter is also fine. The butter extract called for (if you have it) adds a buttery taste the oil, while nicely cholesterol free, cannot provide  - just another baker’s trick of the trade.

I’ve always been skeptical of how just four main things: cream, flour, salt and sugar could possible result in a lofty, crusty and deeply satisfying baking powder biscuits. Surely you need butter to make great biscuits. Nonetheless this recipe, made with a goodly amount of fresh, dairy-fat delicious whipping cream makes astoundingly great biscuits and all you do is stir them. Take note of my special trick to make them one-step more buttery. Tuck an omelette into one of these for a marvellous breakfast sandwich with homemade pedigree.

Dense and hearty, not too sweet. Wholesome oatmeal scones with a tang of fresh orange juice. Our local Starbucks used to serve these and baker that I am, I still bought one each time I visited and had a coffee.  One day, the scones disappeared because, they were, as many Starbucks items are, privatedly supplied. But, baker that I am, I replicated these gems. A large serrated cookie cutter works nicely here.  You can make these plain, or top them with an orange or orange maple glaze.

Gooey topped, delicate muffins that are brown sugar and cream delicious. They are cupcake texture but muffin easy, and topped with a slick of a scrumptious toffee glaze.

A refreshing combination of flavors just in time for May. Tiny chunks of fresh strawberries and garden rhubarb perk up this orange-scented, sour cream muffin batter. Topped with streusel, this is an ambrosial 'mini coffeecake' rather than a muffin. These freeze well and can also be baked as a cake instead of muffins. Serve this with a robust morning brew.

These are tender and delicate and bursting with blueberries in every bite. These are really miniature coffee cakes actually. You can make these oversized, or spoon them out as muffin tops but they present, and bake up especially nicely in this version of a mini loaves or ‘baby cake’. Wilton also sells mini-Bundt pans that would work (but result in fewer cakes overall).

A unique and most toothsome dessert mini loaf old-fashioned muffin.This combination of pureed cooked pumpkin (or mellow butternut squash) applesauce, and chopped whole dates and yellow raisins makes for a unique and most toothsome dessert mini loaf, which is especially nice for harvest suppers or Thanksgiving. Few tasters can identify the medley of flavors but the scent of these muffins baking causes a run on the kitchen. For the best ever muffin tins, try pans available from

A unique and most toothsome dessert mini loaf.

Like a big ol’ oatmeal cookie but in a crusty scone. Coarsely chopped, Swiss milk chocolate is ideal in this recipe, melting into the golden, buttery, caramel-touched crevices of this wonderful scone batter.  Demerara is coarse brown sugar and is gorgeous as a finishing touch, adding sweetness and crunch.

Shortcake by any other name, in any guise. This is so good; no wonder some 2500 people have downloaded this favourite BB recipe. Berries and a coating of Swiss chocolate on a buttery scone, aka rich, buttery shortcake base. This recipe is the bomb which explains why it is downloaded constantly. It has shades of country fair crossed with Black Forest Cake - Nothing but nothing is as fresh, decadent, and easy or crowd-pleasing as this cake.

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