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Muffins - Scones

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Enjoy a leisurely brunch or tea break with this light and flaky citrus-laced scone

Tuna cans make a great muffin mold but use traditional muffin molds if you prefer.Crunchy outside and moist inside - these are wonderful corn muffins perked up with summery fruits. These are even good without the fruit – they have about the best texture of any corn muffin I ever created.

So many cranberry scone recipes and yet, each one is different. This is one of my favorites and it make an exceptionallytender, flaky, crisp scone outside but soft and tender inside. At Thanksgiving it's a must at Thanksgiving. Make these small to serve as a side bread or dust with sugar before baking, to serve as dessert.

You could call these mini coffeecakes. They are large, moist, and studded with many flavorful things. A re-invention of the muffin.
The tang of cranberries with the crunch of corn

Great for toasting, drizzled with butter, honey and cinnamon. This makes a rustic English muffin taste in a nice slicing loaf. The cranberries makes this divine and different. Use two large coffee cans to bake round loaves. I used a large loaf pan (12 by 5 inches). Two 9 by 5 inch pans will work as well. Another great bread for a breakfast sandwich.

The quintessential scone, with a flavor that says, 'weekend in New England'. These are lofty triangles of pastry goodness. I first demo-ed them for a bread class as a fill-in recipe to make use of our time as the breads were rising; the scones almost upstaged the breads and no one would leave without this recipe in hand.

New crop cranberries are heady stuff in this luscious little muffin. Make these tiny or large - they are mini dessert muffins or substantial coffee cake muffins (and clip this recipe for Thanksgiving). What can be better than a tender, buttery muffin, dotted with fresh cranberries, a touch of spice and topped with a unique orange streusel.

The original formula calls for currants, but these are terrific with cranberries.

There are muffins with berries and muffins bursting with bouquets of berries - much like a patchwork quilt and just as country colorful, and charming. Here is an outstanding breakfast or coffee-time muffins that features a superb vanilla streusel topping.  Filled to the brim with blackberries, raspberries, touches of cranberries and blueberries, this is a harvest treat.

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