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Muffins - Scones

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These are a work of art. A rich-but-no-knead yeast dough such as Marcy Goldman Rich Sour Cream Yeast Rugulah Dough, a sticky, gooey bottom and a luscious cream cheese glaze. There’s a lot going on here, and it’s all delicious.

Tiny gems of flaky scones that are good with tea or freshly brewed Columbian coffee. Butter up! The use of tender cake or pastry flour results in scones that melt in your mouth. These need to be small and served with Devon Double Cream or Clementine Marmalade (in our Recipe Archives). Coarse sugar on top would be a nice touch.

Admittedly, these have a lot going on in them: milk, cream cheese, sour cream and more. But they bake up into tender, deeply chocolaty muffins, with broad, puffy mushroom caps and chunks of semi-sweet chocolate sticking out of them and feature somewhat crackly tops. Dust with cocoa or confectioners sugar or a drizzle of melted white chocolate. They were also be great with their caps sliced off, ice cream to crown them, caps replaced and hot fudge sauce. Course….then they would not be muffins, they would be Paradise.

The old pulverized sugar trick...

THIS RECIPE is now in The Baker's Four Seasons Cookbook, 2015, available on Amazon (in print and Kindle). Limoncello. a lemon liqueur, is the dulce de leche, i.e. trending flavour, of 2011 but anything pure, light and as naturally lemony as this deserves to be a classic. Limoncello is generally from Sorrento, Italy and is a lovely lemon liqueur you served cold or as I do – in all manner of baking. This recipe is not complicated but it is complex in that it has a lemon cupcake, filled with lemon curd (store-bought, jarred or your own – all fine), lemon syrup and a lemon mascarpone (cream cheese is also fine) icing. You can omit an element here or there and these are still fabulous cupcakes.

Two types of bran: wheat bran and oat bran, plus some golden, crunchy wheatgerm make these the healthiest muffins around. They are gorgeous, dark, moist, incredibly flavorful 'healthy' muffins, that keep for a week or so, and freeze like a dream. The secret is to let the batter rest in the fridge so it will stiffen a bit and the bran will moisten thoroughly. You should see some nice tops on these. These don't use bran cereal - they use real bran. All the ingredients - buttermilk, honey, touch of spice, touch of orange zest creates a bran muffin symphony. You can also change the dried fruits around.

Muffins from the mall: big bad boys of muffin-dome. High heat, high rack baking makes these puffy umbrella topped muffins. Commercial look/homemade taste.

The "double" refers to the use of softened corn meal as well as dry corn meal

Cocoa in the batter, huge chunks of white chocolate and semi-sweet makes these rich and full of added dimension. A final dip in melted chocolate makes these pretty darn sinful. Extravagant and memorable.

A tender, moist buttermilk vanilla batter is home to chunks of apple and a hint of cinnamon. It's finished up with a vanilla streusel on top.  I make them with buttermilk or plain Greek yogurt - equally fabulous! These freeze well so bake, cool, wrap in wax paper and then tuck in a sealable storage container.

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