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Muffins - Scones

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Stuff one in your lunch tote or take one on your commute. You can also add a touch of ground flax seed or use part whole-wheat flour. Honey Crisp Apples are a good choice here.

Another bakery treasure that I found at a fancy French bakery in my neighborhood. This bakery rarely descends to muffins (it's just not 'French') so these caught my eye just because it was unique to see them there. These gems were baked in conical molds that were that brown paper inserted inside them like a sleeve so the finished muffins, also tied with small cords  - totally charming.  I used a regular muffin tins for these with those the tall tulip muffin liners.

These luscious muffins are tiny coffeecakes in a muffin shape.You can substitute sour milk, use buttermilk powder, yogurt, or buttermilk instead of the sour cream.

Chocolate and butter marry up in a quick little tea pastry, aka not-your-average scone. These are brownies in taste, but pastry in texture. Small hunks of semi-sweet chocolate bars spruce up the deal.  Delectable, decadent, delicious! Chopped up Heath Bars or Skor Bars are like buried treasure in these desserty-scones. Knead the dough gently or leave the batter soft and scoop and plop to create tender drop scones. Deposit a square of milk chocolate on each scone as it comes out of the oven if you like for an oozing finale.

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuit Mix makes these a dinnertime cinch.


These are my own favourite bran muffins that I first made for Terre Etoile, a healthfood restaurant bakery I worked in the wild, woily 80's. What I love about these is the rough-hewn, rustic, high caps, that crowns a moist, flavor-packed, healthy muffin that is just sweet enough, moist and staying. You feel noble when you have one of these and it carries you a few hours without an attack of the nibbles. Depending on the bran you use, and how long you let this batter stand, you might need a bit more flour.


Who can resist Greek yogurt ? It’s smooth as silk and thick as custard. It is divine and Greek godly on its own but added to a scone batter, it is beyond wonderful. This recipes uses that thick Greek yogurt that is in vogue everywhere (please don’t mention it’s healthy because it tastes so good). I added sour cherries and a touch of Greek honey to perk up these classic scones.

This recipe combines nutritious ingredients with good taste for a high-capped, moist bran muffin. You can also substitute 1/2 cup of gluten-free flour for the all-purpose or whole-wheat flour called for. This recipe doubles well and freezes like a dream. I created this for a restaurant health cafe where I was the head baker. It's decades later and it is still one of my own favorite treats to bake up!

This is the one to turn to for quick pancakes, scones, and my version of Red Lobster’s famed garlic biscuits. You can use butter in this recipe instead of shortening or half and half but then keep the mix in the freezer. Use famed Saco Buttermilk Blend for these.


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