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Muffins - Scones

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Macs are good, but you can use just about any apple you like

One of my most special, deluxe scones from the Scone Chapter in my new cookbook, A Passion for Baking, Oxmoor House, September 2007.

A tender orange-vanilla cupcake batter, dotted with semi-sweet chocolate chips and a finish of orange cheese fondant swirl, melted chocolate and some chocolate jimmies of chocolate shavings for extra cachet. Awesome cupcakes! No way these are muffins;  these are stylish cupcakes through and through.

Tiny, crusty scones that feature a buttery taste that houses ribbons of tangy, spicy mango chutney. Use the BB Mango Chutney recipe or any of your own favorite brands (Major Grey or Patak’s.  These are the perfect combination of a buttery pastry as a counterpoint to an exotic tangy ‘extra’. Wonderful with a pot of Chai tea or a small, neat, bold espresso.

Bright bits of fresh mango and pineapple chunks dot a buttery scone dough.

Serve them fresh from the oven or glazed with mandarin glaze. You can also use pineapple juice for the fondant but the orange flavor marries well with the mango bits in the scones. These are baked in wedges as per regular scones or make the batter light and soft and scoop the scones into large muffin tins for a mango ‘scuffin’.

Pure maple syrup, a smack of brown sugar, butter, vanilla and the heady aroma of toasted walnuts make these scones a diet buster. These are tender and rustic at the same time, not too sweet but addictive in their simplicity. They are also terrific made with raspberries.

These are little muffins with a maple and multi-grain pedigree. Rightgeous stuff that happens to taste sublime.

Mexican vanilla would make these sublime from - they are getting used to my creative vanilla recipes at this point!). This recipe makes tiny, not too sweet, pop-in-in-your mouth, mini muffins that are somewhere between a sweet muffin and a cake texture. If you also have ambrosial vanilla paste to swirl in, all the better. If not, scrapings from a vanilla bean (gourmet shops often carry them) will do. If you want to try this ASAP, you can use all-purpose flour; otherwise spring for the cake flour for yet an even more tender muffin.

If you removed the exotic scent of Meyer lemons from this scone recipe, you would still have the most cloud-like, sumptuous, sweet and totally temping sour cream scones on the planet. If they’re not gobbled up first, these scones float away – they are moist inside, tenderly crusty outside, and puffy as pillows. Wonderful with jasmine or Earl Grey tea. If you don’t have Meyer lemons on hand, for goodness sakes, make these anyway using regular lemons.
(Meyer lemons are a cross between lemons and mandarins I believe and they are less acidic and very tropical of fragrance and taste). This recipe offers you a choice of a simple sugar dusting or a delectable and easy Meyer Lemon Glaze.

A crunchy exterior and an airy, moist interior make these muffins (or mini loaves) an absolute winner.
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