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Pies - Tarts

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A herb filled, mouth-wateringly tender tart is home to a zesty filling. This is as sophisticated as you expect from quiche but as fun and flavorful as a pizza.

Nuts for pumpkin pie...then this is your recipe. It has all the amazing elements of both clasic pies: pumpkin and pecan, and laced together with a bit of spice, some cream, and an amazing brown sugar crunch topping.

Condensed milk, versus evaporated milk, makes a great and decadent pumpkin pie. It is also perfect for new pumpkin pie bakers who worry their pies won't set and/or people who prefer creamier pies.This recipe makes a silken textured, luxurious pumpkin pie that will be a new classic.
This is sublime.

If you like Pecan Pie, you will adore this classic Quebec Sugar Pie. This is a superb pie and one of my personal favorites. In Quebec, it is called sugar pie but in the U.S., it's also a version of pie known as a chess pie. It is smooth as silk, and decadent as brown sugar fudge. You can't beat a 3-ingredient pie that tastes like heaven.

Simply delicious - a simple and superb pie that is barely two ingredients: brown osugar and cream (with a bit of maple). It bakes up into a caramel maple slice of paradise. Add some whipped cream. If you love pecan pie sort of stuff, you'll love this (but there's no nuts).

Free-form puff pastry tarts, also known as open-faced flans or galettes, are increasingly popular. They are easy, light, and pretty as a picture. There are never any leftovers!

Big slabs of hold-together, amazing strudel. Use frozen apple slices from the grocer or food service store or Costco for a slightly commercial style bakery strudel. Or use fresh and frozen or all fresh (of course). This makes a great homey tasting, but slightly deli-style strudel that is a good traveler (it's not a messy strudel; it holds up). If using Granny Smith apples, slice them thin and use a ton.

A modest cheesecake in a pastry crust, topped with tangy lemon lime curd and blueberries. The creamy filling and zesty topping make this summery and light.

A Celestial Seasonings tea recipe caught my eye. In the end, it needed a total re-invention but the lovely combination of steeped raspberry tea, lemon curd and a shortbread crust is unbeatable. In the BB Test Kitchen, I also combine half English breakfast tea with half Raspberry Zinger, sweetened it with honey, chill and serve over crushed ice, in wine glasses, with a slice of orange an mint leaves. It is a soothing and refreshing iced-tea with a fruity twist.

Sweet red plums and fresh raspberries make this a resplendent pie for the 4th of July. You can use regular pie dough or this richer tart dough.
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