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Pies - Tarts

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Sweet and tart and vibrantly red. Rhubarb is so fresh and springy and the berries are a sweet match - all in all, it's an unbeatable combination. Forget about gluey supermarket pie. Bake up a blue ribbon winner!

Fresh berries, fresh rhubarb, spices, and a hefty crumbly topping - oh my. 

This is called a tart but more officially it is a crostata, which in Italian means a tart, usually open-faced, of some sort. It is elegant and rustic at the same time. Boyajian tangerine or orange oil, as well as some natural berry essences, heighten the fresh flavors of strawberry and garden rhubarb.

Pie dough, some fruit and a sprinkling of sugar and wow - pastry power. Nothing beats berries and garden rhubarb (even frozen from last year) for a specularly refreshing treat.

Usually we think of apples when we think of an old-fashioned crisp but ripe, sweet autumn pears are wondrous in this dish. Just use rip flavorful pears such as Bosc or Anjou or a combination of a few pear varieties. A touch of cranberries brings some added to colour and a light touch of spice makes this a portrait in sensuous fall flavors.

An exceptionally luxurious sweet potato pie, served slightly warmed with crème anglaise, whipping cream (whipped or not) or ice-cream. A pie to be savored for its old-fashioned taste that pleases contemporary palates.

No need to worry about meringues for this lemon wonder. This is a lemon creamsicle in a pie.
You could do a chocolate or caramel version by alternating the fillings; crusts and topping but procedures are the same. I would serve this with raspberry puree to add a splash of color and more summer tartness. Ice Box Pies are no sweat in work or worry over meringue! Citric acid or sour salts or tartartic acid is available through mail order or often, in kosher food sections, or at the pharmacy. It provides an added boost of tartness which is very appealing. If you don't have it, this is still an exceptional summer pie.

This pie looks more like a fancy tart. Easy.

Free recipe in honor of Apples,  viewable at
 trio of apples is what gives this pie its outstanding flavor. Don’t even think about using Granny Smith! Too watery. Honor the Apples painting by choosing apples to match. Select McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Jonathans or other sweet autumn apples, in whatever ratio you like. Make sure your spices are as fresh as the apples. Recipe exclusively created for ‘Apples’, by Heather Horton

This is a company's company elegant cake. All fuss but not muss. OR is that all muss, no fuss? Fresh brewed espresso is best for this but in a pinch, double strength instant espresso or instant coffee will be fine. I would add a coating of Nutella somewhere in between all the layers - untraditional but sublime.


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