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Pies - Tarts

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Tollhouse batter pressed into mini muffin tins. Chewy, caramelized, delicious. I pack these up in waxed paper or cello for giving.
Transparently simple to make.

If measures and precision were not part of recipe writing or too-zealous bakers (who forget it's not about the measure, it's about the heart of the matter..), how would this baker write the perfect recipe for an Old-Fashioned Apple Pie? Easy as write from the heart and true spirit of the baker. It's pie recipes as they really should be written.....for the recipe that goes with this tribute, visit Old Fashioned Apple Pie.

This pecan pie is thick, dense, creamy, rich, and subtly different. Don’t you find that everything wonderful is even better when you add white chocolate to it. Just use the best white chocolate you can find (Callebut, for instance). This pie filling rises up, teeters a bit, and then slowly settles and sets. Use a 10-inch quiche pan with removable bottom. Semi-freeze, cut, and then let warm to room temperature for neat serving slices and make sure you use a sharp, serrated knife to do the honors.

The combination of cranberries and apples makes this an extraordinary strudel. Not only does it taste delicious, look spectacular, but the pectin in the cranberries does amazing things with the filling. With its halo of confectioners’ sugar, over a crimson interior, this strudel evokes a Nutcracker Suite spirit - just in time for the holidays. Use the easy Use the Sour Cream Mock Pastry Dough here or filo dough. The Sour Cream dough is also ideal for hors d’oeuvres, potato knishes, quiche, pies or tarts. It freezes like a dream and you can made a few batches in a food processor in minutes. It is crisp, tender, buttery dough that is a bit like puff pastry but low tech. But it is the filling that really shines in this recipe and whether you use this dough, store-bought puff pastry, your own real strudel dough (or mine), or even filo - this is an amazing strudel. 

If you've never made a fresh cherry pie, you are in for a big treat. This is an extremely flavorful and vibrantly colored fruit pie. Frozen cherries are fine.

This masterful, big, definitive pecan pie now resides in my newest cookbook A Passion for Baking, It was renamed Perfect Pecan Pie (editorial felt World's Best was a bit boastful :). This is the ultra pecan pie! Make sure you use plenty of Georgia and California pecans, and upgrade, if you can, to Tate and Lyle’s corn syrup for a mouth-watering pecan pie like no other. It is the perfect Thanksgiving pie.

One of the classic pies. If oranges don't suit, leave out the orange zest and use water instead. Unless you love raisins, you probably won't make this pie and that is such a pity because it is ambrosial, old-fashioned and delicious, good warm or ice-cold.

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