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Pies - Tarts

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This gourmet deep-dish tart reminds me of the middle of summer. A trio of fruits form the filling and the top is a patchwork of dough.

A crisp and buttery crostata dough cradles a nest of blueberries and raspberries. It's all topped with a butter-crumb topping that bakes up over the exposed fruit center and makes for one more incredible textural layer on what is good to the last crumb. What's beguiling about crostata is that because they are free-form tarts, they don't require much skill yet they  bake up into pastry-shop perfection.

Really more of a cake than a pie. This is a two layer yellow cake, filled with custard and topped with chocolate glaze - a diner style dessert at its best if you make this homemade version. Come on, when's the last time you had a slice of this absolutely wonderful dessert? If you are in a hurry- substitute instant vanilla pudding or you can use something like Byrd's Custard powder.

My son Benjamin inspired me (i.e. he actually got me to stay up way past midnight baking) to make this golden pastry tart, filled with decadent brownie middle, and capped with yet more buttery pastry. It's amazing warm or cold, with ice-cream or pure and simple, as is.

This is perfectly balanced between tart and sweet, cake and pastry. It is a make ahead dessert (up to three days) and pleases a crowd. It also looks beautiful. Beauty and brains in baking – bravo!

Over 3836 dowbloads! You can make miniature tarts or larger versions using small tart molds with removable bottoms. The pastry here makes a little more than required, but it ensures you are not scrounging for dough. Freeze extra dough for small quiches. Another Canuck treat would be Nainaimo Bars if you want to impress Canadian kinfolk.

Summer in Cape Cod, in a wedge of pie that is scarlet, sweet and tangy. Pure memory food. One bite, and you are on Route 28!

This is one of those recipes that becomes an instant classic the moment you make it. It’s the best of both worlds of pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin pie and is laced with the warmth of caramel and apple cider and a final decadence of candied walnuts. True, it is a few steps: crust, filling, caramel and some oven-candied walnuts, but oh – what a sensation this is!

A sumptuous little cheesecake in no time flat. Who would ever suspect, that graham, a name that once synonymous with health food, would wind up in such a modest, yet decadent little cream cheese pie. This is ideal when you want a little cheesecake and not a huge one.

Cream pies with candy bar pieces in them are oh-so-decadent and unique. A great make-ahead, extravagant pie for birthdays or holidays.

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