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Pies - Tarts

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Is this strudel or a new wave biscotti? This features a biscotti/cookie dough, that is rippled through with apple pie filling (the homemade filling is included; you can also use a can of apple pie filling to speed things up). It is baked once and cut into small sticks that are tightly coiled, showing off their filling. They are crunchy as cookies, interesting as biscotti, and unique as strudel. They keep well and are one of those extremely satisfying cookie bites – as good for the kids as it is for hosting or giving as gifts.

Two types of apples, dried and fresh, make for a profoundly apple-ish pie.
Dried apples were a mainstay on the journey West. This makes a great big pie, so seek out a 10-inch pie tin at a restaurant supply store or tuck it into a ten-inch springform pan. I cut scraps of dough into little leave shapes with a cookie cutter, mark the veins on them and group about five such leaves in the center of the pie. Glaze, bake and learn to take compliments. If you cannot find apple syrup, use pomengrante molasses or leave it out.

Two doughs give a classic apple pie a new spin. Pretty to look at and a delight with tea or coffee. Pastry dough for the bottom, filo for the top.

Dee!licious  dulce de leche pecan pie.  All you need is a pie shell, dulce de leche filling, and a few pantry ingredients to create a new and luscious spin on this mouth-watering pecan pie.  Use a tart shell, instead of the usual pie pan, to make this gourmet glamourous. This is lightly caramel, smooth as silk, and offers a new spin on a traditional favorite. In a pinch, using walnuts instead of pecans, works equally well. Oh- you can also leave out the chocolate chips for a pure, caramel-touched pecan pie.

Dee!licious Dulce De Leche Pecan Pie. This will rewrite your Thanksgiving dessert table. This is better than the classic.

A tumble of gorgeous pears such as Bosc and Bartlett makes this a taste and textural sensation. I don’t know what’s better – the scent of this baking or eating it. Serve as is, just warm or with vanilla ice-cream. What’s nice about baking with pears is that there’s no need to peel their tender skins – one less step for the busy baker. My testers voted this taste sensation (in a pie) of the year.

A choux paste bottom bakes up into a golden crust. It’s filled with a special cream cheese filling, and then topped with fudge sauce or glazed, fresh fruit (such as strawberries and kiwi). A pretty dessert that is both elegant and easy.

Caramelized nuts in a tart crust. This tart slices neatly and keeps fresh or frozen very well.
A kind of torte...

Simply and simply delicious.This is a superb pie. If you like pecan pie, you will probably get addicted to this one. 

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