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Pies - Tarts

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A torte in name only.

This is a spice blend that is easily ordered online or found in supermarkets spice sections but making your own guarantees absolute freshness (because you use your own freshest, best quality spices). You can also customize the blend by adding more or less of one spice or another or a touch of mace or cardamom and recipe doubles and triples as you like. I use it in pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin sticky buns, and of course, in my special recipe for Pumpkin Latte. Don’t forget to grate the nutmeg fresh for a veritable explosion of nutmeg-y soul.

A lovely all-purpose dough that is perfect for European style squares or as delicate cookies. Add a teaspoon of pure vanilla if using this as a tea cookie dough.

I like quirky things and a dairy rich dough for rugulah is Hanukkah-appropriate but also happens to make a lovely, supple dough. I fill this one with the cinnamon/sugar raisin route or chocolate chips or try it with canned cherry pie filling for rugulah that are mini cherry Danish. Just make sure you use a great vanilla ice-cream that is rich and creamy and not lite or air-filled for the flakiest pastry dough.

You can replace the flour, leaveners and salt with ? cup of Bisquick for a faster Impossible Pie, sort of a Blitz Impossible Pie but I prefer all scratch ingredients for this amazing brownie pie that is summer delicious, when topped with ice-cream and chocolate fudge sauce. You can also bake this by using a pre-baked pie crust as a base.

A wonderful pie that is buttery, decadent and saved by the tart sweetness of fresh strawberries. Inspired by the movie Waitress.

Light and pretty, this fruity tart made with shortbread or tart 'crumble' works in any season but it’s particularly springy with it’s sunny lemon filling, which is a lemon curd. In days' past, lemon curd was also called 'lemon honey’.

Whole slices of fresh lemon, sliced ultra thin, are the basis of this amazing pie. A mandolin can be had from a restaurant supply store or there are more modestly priced Asian mandolins or Zyliss makes one too (or just use a really sharp knife). If you can get 'em, Meyer lemons would be great for this recipe.

This recipe came about when I realized that kosher-for-Passover chestnut puree was not to be found. Sweet potatoes to the rescue. A light dusting of cocoa is all this needs.

A bouquet of tart-sweet plums, held in place by a vanilla and lightly spiced tinged egg and cream custard.  Warm up some apricot jam and brush it on as a glaze for a pastry shop finale. My mother actually made this with canned plums - which would be fine. This is spectacular in flavor and just a nice change from chocolate or cinnamon things. As I look at this recipe now, it occurs to me it is really a spin on Clafouti, the rustic French custard and fruit pie, often made with cherries. I don't recall that this pie (or tart) ever lasted more than an evening at our house. You can use the tart dough here or a ready made pie dough crust (if you are in a hurry) ; either are fine.

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