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Pies - Tarts

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Puff pastry and peaches are a natural combination. Instant dessert without fuss ....just cachet to spare.

Grating pastry dough makes for a beautiful and unique presentation. The combination of peaches and apricots makes this moist and densely flavorful. There are some great baker's tips in the recipe (see bottom of recipe) to make this even better.

This is a flash of a pie that is as good as something out of a pastry shop but it literally takes minutes to prepare. It uses 2 frozen piecrusts, some fresh diced peaches and apricots (but you can use all peaches if you prefer; I just find apricots add some intense flavor, colour and a touch more pectin for a saucy filling). Add one preheated oven for pie that is ready in under an hour.

A new spin on the time honored French apple and puff pastry dessert.
A creamy and delicious pie variation.

From the Holiday Chapter, in A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House 2007. What makes my pecan pie special is the use of my favorite brands of corn syrup and cane syrup, but you can use other brands and still have a great-tasting pie. For a Chocolate Pecan Pie, add 3⁄4 cup chocolate chips to the filling. For a great trick on how to bake a blind pie shell (or prebake) - check out A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House - the special baker's trick is photographed in perfect detail. No more soggy pie crusts or buckling pie bottoms!

Filo, pineapple and a bit of baked in custard makes this scrumptious.

It has a cheesecake like taste but is whipped together in minutes and needs no chilling.

This crostata is fun because you don't have to crimp a pie border. The fruit filling is exposed and it looks fancy but it's really quite easy to make.

Your own pie shell or store-bought, a bit of spice, cheese, tomatoes and cream and voila! Pizza flavor with French sophistication. This is a brown bag gourmet treat or a fall brunch, hospitality dish. The taste says pizza; the presentation says, you genius you. Feel free to toss in some finely diced pepperoni for a pepperoni and cheese version of this fabulous appetizer or main dish.

More of a pastry than a pie or tart, this masterpiece impresses everyone and stays fresh-looking and good-tasting for days.

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