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Pizza - Sauces

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This recipe and the HearthKit make for the closest you will come to pizzeria pizza: crisp and blistered with interiors that are moist and full of rustic holes. Heaven.

Over 3570 downloads. This is one of the easiet and fastest ways to make yourself a legend. Rolled wedges of BB trademark pizza dough and a couple of savory ingredients are the foundation of these cheesy, golden "croissants" that taste even better than they look!  Let them rise for a bit (for a chewier snack) or not (for a crispier croissant). Make them up, freeze, and warm up as needed. These are pizza pockets at the next level: the quality and great tastes of homemade snack food. Use BetterBaking.Com Classic Pizza Dough as the foundation dough.

Over 50,000 downloads and no wonder why - everyone needs at least one black dress pizza dough. This is one of mine. It is great for almost anything you throw at it or on it. I use this for Pizza Croissants - another favorite recipe. Make this and use it the same day or refrigerate it overnight for a more rustic pizza the next day.

This is what I use on my ‘house’ pizzas to sass things up. If you bought it, it would be $7-$20 depending on the brand. Homemade it’s custom tailored to your taste and a bargain gourmet item from your own pantry. You can make other flavors of this oil, using the method in the recipe (Asian ginger garlic, or Thai or Greek, etc.)

This is the low maintenance, perfect yield dough for a homemade, thick crust. cheese and pepperoni pizza. Alternatively, a smear of garlic, drizzle of olive oil, some pepper and fresh herbs make this a super flatbread for dipping.

(Part of a series on "commercial foods")
We never get tired of pizza crusts in these parts.

You can always use canned sauce but this homemade version is spicy and fragrant. Make a huge batch - it freezes for 3-4 months. Great pizza is the sum of all its parts - a superb foundation sauce makes all the difference. This is zesty, garlic-infused and profoundly good!

No two Chicagoans will agree what makes a great about deep-dish pizza, but these are the basics – three layers of dough, spicy sausage filling, topped with sauce and cheese. Great hot or cold. If you want to speed this up, omit the spinach (and/or if you aren't keen on spinach) and used doctored-up jarred marinara sauce. This is a very hunky pizza - making it perfect for the beach picnic (cold) or on the deck at night, or brown-bagging. It's BB's salute to the 2016 Chicago Cubs - World Series Winners!

Formula for a straight-up pie (dough and sauce required)

I cannot tell you how many ways I make pizza dough and how I like each and every one. But this cold rise pizza dough recipe is about the easiest and most flexible. It also results in a crisp, bistro style pizza. It’s better if you let it sojourn in the fridge overnight but even made the same day and left to leisurely rise on the counter, it’s awesome. It's featured in the Pizza Chapter of my cookbook, When Bakers Cook available on Amazon.


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