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Quick Breads

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A gorgeous, moist, slicing coffee cake wiith a bakery touch of flour/butter sugar crumb topping. Great with blueberries but any berry, including minced cranberries would do nicely too.

Mouth-watering, buttery and tender, this is just a lovely morsel called crumb cake. It reminds you of New England inn's or your first coffee cake that made you so proud. Good then, it's still good now - a perfect recipe for new and veteran bakers. You can also rev it up with part whole-wheat flour and Greek yogurt (to replace the buttermilk). Everything in this recipe depends on using the best quality cinnamon so make an effort to procure the best!

Rustic, good, wholesome. Wonderful fresh with a pot of Irish stew or simply divine toasted with sweetened, cinnamon cream cheese. Most authentic Irish soda breads are made with whole wheat flour, but combinations of both white and whole wheat flour is a nice road to travel. You can also try some white spelt or white whole-wheat flour. You could serve this bread with corned beef and cabbage, a good Irish stew, or in hefty wedges with a sharp Irish or Guinness cheddar and pickled onions for a updated Ploughman's Platter.

This is really more of a brown sugar tea cake you will devour, than a bread but butterscotch bread sounds more interesting. It is a light, moist, deeply caramel tasting cake, with a thin sludge of brown butter fudge topping. A one layer pan cake that is a nice change from chocolate.

This butterscotch-y chocolate chip cake is quick and homey – and pleases kids and adults alike. Like a Tollhouse Cookie, but in a slice. A great coffee, tea, and cold milk cake – a lunch box dessert. Most people use semi-sweet chocolate (coarsely chopped or chips) but I actually use (and prefer) milk chocolate chips for this recipe.

You love this as a cake - you adore it as a quick bread.
Classic, fragrant, golden corn bread. Quick as lightening and better than croissants with fried chicken 'n gravy.

A trendy, zesty cheese scone that uses both Wisconsin Asiago and sharp cheddar, as we; as a shower of crisp bacon for a smokey, extravagant scone that is a just about a meal; that's how satisfying it is - a true gourmet bistro scone. 

This is rustic bread, nicely shot through with nippy Cheddar cheese streaks and a few sweet raisins. The combination of cheese in this traditional hearth bread keeps its old-fashioned tone but nicely freshened with cheese addition.


This stretches the envelope a bit, but it's delightful.
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