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Quick Breads

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What makes this cake especially neat is two things: for one, the intense flavor of orange juice in the cake batter, brought to you by a touch of undiluted orange juice and two, the tiniest bit of orange food coloring the bolster the orange swirl layer. It is totally optional but what is nice is the visual and taste ‘apparency’ of the orange. Most marble cakes are chocolate and white; this shows you another possibility. A few spoonfuls of miniature chocolate chips would be nice in this. The orange food coloring and the glaze are both optional. This tastes like a Creamsicle © but in a cake.

A tender, moist buttermilk vanilla batter is home to chunks of apple and a hint of cinnamon. It's finished up with a vanilla streusel on top. These freeze well so bake, cool, wrap in wax paper and then tuck in a sealable storage container.

Ok – admittedly, eggnog is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you do happen to have some on hand – either store bought or your own brew, leftovers make for a toothsome, tender, gently spiced poundcake. Besides, what a great name : Eggnog Poundcake!  This makes one big loaf or two gift-able ones. This whips up in a food processor in about 2 minutes. A dusting of sugar and spice is perfect but you can also make a glaze of softened cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, touch of orange juice and pinch of nutmeg and drizzle this over the warm cake. Better yet, go for the addictive Buttered Egg Nog Glaze you pour, still warm, over the cake. A masterpiece of a cake.

A slightly sweeter variation on a favorite.

Clabber is an old fashioned word for buttermilk and buttermilk is the dairy liquid of choice in traditional soda bread. This recipe makes a majestic, lean, mean tasty soda bread that is great with cheese or sliced cold corned beef. I love it with tea in the evenings.

Stuff one in your lunch tote or take one on your commute. You can also add a touch of ground flax seed and use all canola oil if you prefer.

Makes a great gift

Here is a delightful little rum and fruit pound cake that is one of my favorites. It is festive, buttery, moist and flavor-infused. It is a great hostess or holiday gift. I generally triple this recipe and make about 6 small loaves as gifts. If you don’t want to use spirits, use orange juice or brewed tea instead.  

These luscious muffins are tiny coffeecakes in a muffin shape.You can substitute sour milk, use buttermilk powder, yogurt, or buttermilk instead of the sour cream.

A jaunty tea bread for any time or especially nice during the autumn and winter holidays. Red cranberries, tart apples dot this moist, buttery loaf.

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