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Quick Breads

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Quick Breads
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

Big, Fat, Crusty, Golden, Amazing – you want more incentive?
Talk to Tony Robbins. These are the best biscuits Bar None. If you make these bigger, they are a great biscuit to use in a McBiscuit kinda breakfast sandwich.

Pineapple, a touch of rum and macadamia nuts upgrade this classic. An exceptionally moist and flavor packed banana bread with an added sumptuous glaze.

This is the one to turn to for quick pancakes, scones, and my version of Red Lobster’s famed garlic biscuits. You can use butter in this recipe instead of shortening or half and half but then keep the mix in the freezer. Use famed Saco Buttermilk Blend for these.


A zesty change from traditional soda bread.
This dense and spicy loaf improves with age
Well steeped Irish breakfast tea or a strong Assam tea gives this slightly spicy soda bread a unique personality.
If this doesn't have you whistling "Danny Boy", nothing will.

What could possibly make a great soda bread even better? A little Baileys Irish Cream. You could serve this bread with corned beef and cabbage, a good Irish stew, or in hefty wedges with a sharp Irish or Guinness cheddar and pickled onions for a updated Ploughman's Platter. But given the wee dram of decadence, it would make a fine slice to serve with a steaming pot of Assam tea.

Doughnuts -Louisiana style.  The "beignet" is French for "small doughnut" and easily upstages a Krispie Kreme for its extreme homestyle, real taste. Not too sweet, not too rich, this is a doughnut with a pastry feel. You may use a deep fryer or a wok and tongs. A bread machine does a great job with the dough.
In the BB Test Kitchen, we blend some pure vanilla powder with the confectioners' sugar before dusting. Serve with espresso or Cafe Brule -New Orleans coffee and chicory. You can also leave out the yeast and double the baking powder for a different sort of texture -equally good. In that case, knead half as long.

Mexican vanilla would make these sublime from - they are getting used to my creative vanilla recipes at this point!). This recipe makes tiny, not too sweet, pop-in-in-your mouth, mini muffins that are somewhere between a sweet muffin and a cake texture. If you also have ambrosial vanilla paste to swirl in, all the better. If not, scrapings from a vanilla bean (gourmet shops often carry them) will do. If you want to try this ASAP, you can use all-purpose flour; otherwise spring for the cake flour for yet an even more tender muffin.

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