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Quick Breads

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Who said plain is not exciting? This is the purest butter cake ever beheld.

When you think of it, sliced banana and Nutella sandwiches make perfect sense which means this gorgeous banana bread makes even more sense. This is inordinately sublime, featuring the warm, mellow taste of banana with hazelnut chocolate swirls throughout. I use either buttermilk or Kefir in this recipes for a perfect crumb and taste.

A little pie tin crumb cake that is meltingly tender (the yogurt helps) and reminiscent of yesteryear. No such cake in your ‘yesteryear’? All you remember is a Twinkie? Well, here’s a cake to put the Twinkie on its tail.  This is mellow yellow of crumb, pretty as a picture in a pie tin, and slices into moist, golden wedges of simply great homespun cake. This is a good keeper but one of those small, gone in 2 days little cakes. In days past, they used cream of tartar and some soda in cakes like this. Here I've opted for the more common baking powder and soda combination.

A touch of spice, lemon and orange zest, cranberries or raisins, this is the classic, satisfying pumpkin quick bread.

This one is tender, moist, and sits like a prim school-marmish loaf, but wafts a banana walnut fragrance that seduces in a slice. Recipes with too much banana make a rubbery, dense loaf. This one is purrfect. I like this with raisins and chocolate chips but you can make it with nuts alone or not. Why buy Banana Nut Cereal when you can have the real thing. Shucks. You can also leave out the nuts, use caramel or Heath Bar chips or use raisins or toss in a half-cup of toasted coconut or minced macadamia nuts and glaze the whole thing with a lemon or chocolate glaze. We start with Basic Banana Cake 101 and next thing you know -it's Banana Calculus. Factor in the compliments.

A cream cheese glaze coifs this wonderful orange pound cake just so. Jaffa oranges from Israel, are world famous. This  cake emits a heady aroma of an orange grove, baker style, as it bakes.

This dandy little fruity-cake is ideal for a quick fruitcake that is fruity enough but not offensive nor reeking with candied fruit. Tea, rather than spirits, provides a lot of flavor. Good immediately after baking and cooling but ages well nonetheless. A great starter fruitcake and ideal as a gift.


A nutty and satisfying slice.

A large, commercial bakery that still exists, used to make these marvelous little corn cakes. They look like one of those Betty Crocker kid-sized layer cakes but are a cross between cornbread and a corn muffin. The company no longer makes these but everyone that knew them remembered these delightful corn cakes as being great either warmed up in a toaster plain, buttered, or with jam. A drizzle of melted butter and honey gives these the characteristic Pom Bakery moist surface and makes the corn flavor positively sing out. These freeze beautifully. To bake, you scoop them with an ice-cream scooper and them pat them down slightly. They obligingly bake up into flat, moist cakes no bigger than 4-5 good bites. Stuffed with fiber rich stoneground cornmeal or use regular cornmeal. If you could find a Mary Ann mold or a tiny layer cake pan, a la Betty Crocker kids' bakeset vintage - that would be the perfect mold for these (to make them Pom Bakery authentic). If baking in a mold, let the batter be a tiny bit softer (as the mold will support them). These are delicious as well as nostalgic.

Fruitcakes are fine but pecans are nutty and nostalgic. Fat pecans as well as toasted ground hazelnuts dominate this butter and brown-sugar laced batter. A soaking in pecan liqueur ensures it is sweet, moist and flavorful.If you cannot find pecan liqueur, use Frangelico which is a hazelnut liqueur. This is not really a bread, it is more a sweet, luscious nut cake. The fragrance of the baked cake is an incredible bouquet of nutty sweetness. The crumb of the cake is perfect.

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