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A hospitality drink or fireside boost. The fragrance alone is aromatherapy.


Pack your thermos or Mason Jar (what could be homier?) with this ambrosial elixir. You can fiddle with the juices you choose when making homemade iced tea. The key is to use room temperature spring water when making iced tea, as well as a Simple Syrup for a sweetened tea that is ‘cleanly’ sweet and delicious. Cranberry juice gives this a Nantucket zing but orange juice, apple, or raspberry are divine. You can also double-up the tea bags for ice tea concentrate and serve this over crushed ice, with a bit of Pelligrino in a wine glass or specialty tumbler. I add cinnamon sticks and for real tartness, some citric acid (but lemon juice is fine).

Made in the shade lemonade. Fresh, tangy, real lemonade! Just have a lot of ice on hand. Citric acid is natural and available online or the pharmacy should have some but it gives lemonade it's tang (along with the lemons and recipe technique). Just provide a Panama hat, a fan and a hammock and you're all set.

Cue the hammock; find a perfect China teacup and a copy of Walden Pond or Frost. This is soothing, mellow stuff.

I should call this  Can’t Sleep Tea (it is my own version of famed Sleeptime Tea from Celestial Seasonings) because I guarantee this will make you sleepy….sleepier? Well, it's just the ticket no matter what, even if you have aches and pains and simply need a healing tonic. Warm milk, honey, pure vanilla, cinnamon and chamomile make this sublime. It is instead of hot cocoa and instead of decaf café latte and instead of (but not a replacement for) ...mum.


Coffee chains are making hot smoothies this winter’s trend. If you love divine, velvety, warm, potions, this recipe is for you. Double up ingredients, as required to serve more takers. The marshmallows melt and cream a slight froth; if you have a mini-whipped, that would also create more volume.


This smacks of a very gourmet, small brew ice-tea with its flavor of summery peach shining through the oh-so-healthy, anti-oxidant green tea. Just make sure you don’t brew the green tea too long; you don’t want it bitter. Just a brief sojourn in steaming kettle water is all you need. Serve this over crushed iced in wine glasses with a sprig of mint of shaving of fresh ginger or go country style, and offer in half-pint Mason (or preserving) jars. Make the tea; cue the hammock.
You can use green tea bags for this recipe (1 bag per 10-12 ounces water, or 1 teaspoon green tea leaves for 8-10 ounces of steaming kettle water). I don’t mind a trace of peach pulp in my Ice Peach and Green Tea and so I add one ground up ripe peach. But if you like clear tea, leave it out.


Cool and refreshing - any time of the year.

Add the cardamom and it is Thai iced coffee; leave it out, and it is Classic Iced Coffee.  A cool coffee, brewed to creamy perfection. Just the thing alongside a batch of biscotti.

I like chamomile tea but it sometimes tastes like someone brewed wildflowers (which is essentially what chamomile is) and haystacks (which it isn’t). It can taste smooth and gentle or a bit gamey, depending on the brew. But if you add cinnamon and apples, you have a soother with style and autumn flair. It is almost…..celestial.

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