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Breakfast - Brunch

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All Bran Cereal adds another dimension to these banana muffins. These make old-fashioned, dense but good and hearty muffins with a nice banana echo.

Natural bran is available in bulk, boxed by Quaker or health food stores. Nothing added to it, it makes for a lighter bran and banana muffin that is just slightly crusty on the outside, moist inside, and simply delicious, to every last crumb.

Bake and chill and then luxuriate in this rich but not too rich, cottage cheese based sweet almond pie. Serve with sour cream or fruit or plain. This freezes well too. Dry cottage cheese is a kosher style cottage cheese also called hoop or baker’s cheese. You can also use drained curd cottage cheese. For some reason, my gal pals love anything made with dry cottage cheese. It's one of those things that seems 'diet' but in this case, tastes sublime.

Of course I shouldn’t call them Dr. Oz Approved but how else to make you sit up and take notice? These are delicious and healthy and soul-and-body satisfying. They whip up in seconds and have all you need in the way of complex carbs. If I could have snuck in a little kale I would have. They have interesting old grains, the benefits of raw almonds, the good-for-your-brain pumpkin seeds and coconut oil (both great, says Oz), and hemp (for I-forget-what) and the vitamins and fiber of dried fruit and the perk of fresh cranberries. One of these zaps your appetite in a wholesome way. This is the sort of cookie to pack in the car so that when hunger strikes, you reach for these good carbs.

Once I discovered them, I fell in love with various apple butters, as well as other fruit butters such as cherry, pumpkin, cranberry and cherry from Pastor’s Chuck’s. Eden Foods, and American Spoon Foods. I’ve been using apple butter on toast with almond butter and in recipes such as these splendid, oh-so-Amish little muffins. Fruit butters are very intensely flavored spreads that are like apple sauce but far more dense and thick. If you don’t have apple butter, you can substitute old-fashioned apple sauce. The recipe will still be good but a wee bit less flavorful (and less Amish).These are sweet and rustic as is but sometimes, I drizzle them with maple cinnamon fondant, which is less Amish and


These are part pastry, part muffins and totally awesome.  Use leftover challah or chunks of day-old croissants for these. They are puffy, golden and satisfying and unlike any other muffin I know. I first saw them at a Second Cup Cafe and knew I would have to replicate my own edition.

This is a luscious and bright tasting sweet kugel. A great counterpoint to pickled brisket or with roast turkey. It is also great cold, with cream, as a sweet side dish during the week or for a vegetarian Seder. A variation of a great recipe attributed to the Margareten Family.

This cake is a cross between a muffin and a scone. It makes perfect coffee break snack and an superb brunch bread. It freezes well too. When someone calls and says they are dropping by in an hour - this is the one to make.  

Serve warm with a maple-tinged caramel sauce. Big chunks of apple in a golden batter with a touch of spice. Great for breakfast, brunch or a summery, post BBQ dessert.

 Is this a scone in a loaf or an unusual quick bread? This is wonderful fresh or toasted. It is not quite cake; not quite a bread – somewhere inbetween.  If you can, use Californian dried apricots.
This recipe has some 800 hits - it's a winer.

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