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Breakfast - Brunch

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Breakfast - Brunch
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

Yes, Google made me do it! Google reminded me it is January 4th, the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton who wasted a few good apples in service to touting the theory of gravity. This wonderful apple pie filling coffee cake is a breeze to whip up (relatively speaking) and it also works with blueberry pie filling too. This is the perfect cake to bring into work to cheer everyone (post holiday blahs?) up.

Whoa Nelly and Heavens to Betsy -  leftover biscuits get gussied up in a city slicker dessert. Great for a BBQ supper or a brunch. This features golden bits of biscuits, set in a custardy bath, all baked into golden perfection and topped with a smooth as silk Southern Comfort crème anglaise.

Kouig Aman is like a caramelized croissant, and it's a very French Euro treat that is a simply the most unique pastry (barring Cronuts) on the planet. Use salted butter for this recipe and remember, it takes a bit of practice to get this just right, but even your first effort will yield something remarkable.

THE BEST granola you can make. A gift from a gift baker, our test kitchen baker in New Zealand, Leone Lamb. Leone makes this as a regular bill of fare.Our muesli is your granola says my New Zealand BB Tester,Leone Lamb, a ways away in Christchurch. She makes this on a regular basis. So now, do we. Unlike commercial granola, this one is relatively lower in added fat, and not too sweet.  We changed some of the dried fruit; Leone prefers apricots and raisins and you can modify it to taste or what you have on hand. 

Baked in muffin cups, this creamy, irresistibly cheesy Mac and Cheese bakes up into a perfect snack food, that is great for kids or dining for one. I make about a dozen Mac and Cheese muffins with this recipe and put the rest in a small casserole (that serves 1-2 people) Mac and Cheese which I freeze and heat up another time. Swop panko crumbs instead of soda cracker crumbs – either way, you’ll have a crisp, buttery top.

An (use a bread machine for the dough if you like) sweet, yeast coffee cake. This is simply balls of yeast dough, dipped in a special butter/cinnamon mixture. Add a few pecans and chunks of apples, line it all up in a tube or angel pan (Nordicware makes the best ones these days) and it bakes up into a pull-apart apple cake that brings raves.

One of my most special, deluxe scones from the Scone Chapter in my new cookbook, A Passion for Baking, Oxmoor House, September 2007.

Tiny, crusty scones that feature a buttery taste that houses ribbons of tangy, spicy mango chutney. Use the BB Mango Chutney recipe or any of your own favorite brands (Major Grey or Patak’s.  These are the perfect combination of a buttery pastry as a counterpoint to an exotic tangy ‘extra’. Wonderful with a pot of Chai tea or a small, neat, bold espresso.

These are superb on their own or perfect as the base for a breakfast sandwich biscuit. Top with a slice of turkey sausage and an egg omelette ‘round’ for a banquet or just add a thin slice of aged cheddar – you can’t go wrong.  Boyajian Fine Oils makes pure maple extract (but you can make these without the maple extract)

Leftover brioche, challah work in this recipe but nothing beats it when made with big, puffy croissants (even slightly stale ones will work).I love the Costco KIrkland croissants for this actually. This dish has an overnight rest in the fridge. It is a vanilla-tinged egg custard bath, which soaks the coisrsants. Next day, just bake and watch it puff up in the oven. Serve hot with warmed maple syrup nearby. Crumbled maple sugar would be nice to finish this off, but a dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar is fine. 

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