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Breakfast - Brunch

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These sticky buns can be made a day ahead and left for a slow, cool rise in the fridge.  Cinnamon buns alone are additive but this combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and pure maple syrup is over the top. As usual, a bread machine is a great helpmate to make the dough for this recipe. Hey - like you don't have to be a Canuck to enjoy this recipe, eh?

 These are beyond heavenly. They feature a touch of whole-wheat flour, honey, maple syrup, toasty walnuts and a special lashing of Maple Butter. Fresh, they are outstanding. Toasted? Another world. Stale? STILL good!

These are little muffins with a maple and multi-grain pedigree. Rightgeous stuff that happens to taste sublime.
A little grain, a little sweetness, a touch of buttermilk and you have a little breakfast heaven.
Say goodbye to Auntie J. This gourmet mix you whip up at home is great for lazy weekends or as the quintessential holiday present. A jar of this and pure maple syrup in a basket is a sure pleaser. An essential ingredient of this all-natural, gift pancake mix is Saco Buttermilk Blend. This is what makes this mix gourmet and especially flavorful and results in wonderfully light and fluffy pancakes. Saco is available nationally in supermarkets (the baking aisle) or online via or look for buttermilk powder in health food stores or bulk food stores.

This classic and always popular tea was named for Charles Grey, the second earl in his line, who was also prime minister to King William IV in the early 19th century. Usually a mix of Indian and Sri Lankan tea, the charactistic Earl Grey, regardless of which company blends it, owes its unique flavor to oil of bergamot. The Earl is said to have been given the recipe by a Chinese official with whom he was acquainted. There are many types of Earl Grey – Twinnings of course is one such, but Serentipitea, Harneys, Bigelow and especially Middle Easter Markets have other incredible Earl Grey blends. If you like Earl Grey, try different ones – I do and I like them all. They all feature the bergamot but the tea leaf blending is different and the overall flavour quite different –each and every one. To crush the whole spices, just put them in a plastic bag and roll a rolling pin over them.

Mexican vanilla would make these sublime from - they are getting used to my creative vanilla recipes at this point!). This recipe makes tiny, not too sweet, pop-in-in-your mouth, mini muffins that are somewhere between a sweet muffin and a cake texture. If you also have ambrosial vanilla paste to swirl in, all the better. If not, scrapings from a vanilla bean (gourmet shops often carry them) will do. If you want to try this ASAP, you can use all-purpose flour; otherwise spring for the cake flour for yet an even more tender muffin.

A modified Western omelette. A Sunday brunch staple in many Montreal delis.

A bouquet of tart-sweet plums, held in place by a vanilla and lightly spiced tinged egg and cream custard.  Warm up some apricot jam and brush it on as a glaze for a pastry shop finale. My mother actually made this with canned plums - which would be fine. This is spectacular in flavor and just a nice change from chocolate or cinnamon things. As I look at this recipe now, it occurs to me it is really a spin on Clafouti, the rustic French custard and fruit pie, often made with cherries. I don't recall that this pie (or tart) ever lasted more than an evening at our house. You can use the tart dough here or a ready made pie dough crust (if you are in a hurry) ; either are fine.

Way down yonder in New Orleans, they enjoy a stuffed sandwich that's big enough to serve a crowd. It's muffaletta which features a stuffed round bread sandwich of cold cuts, olive salad, all pressed into a sandwich extravaganza. This savory treat is just the thing to make ahead and tote to your next picnic.  Pick up a country bread at the bakery or make your own (of course!) with Family Picnic Bread. This is filled with quality cold cuts as well as roasted peppers, marinated artichokes, and pimento stuffed olives but feel free to vary the fixings.

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