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Breakfast - Brunch

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Peaches and cream always sound better but the real flavour jolt in baking is when you use sun-ripe nectarines.  They have much more sparkle and a more distinct taste. Either way, these are an experience of summery fresh fruit in a lightly spiced buttermilk batter, topped with streusel.

Read more about Lawsuit Muffins in Original Buttermilk Rhubarb Lawsuit Muffins and .  Are the new muffins good? Absolutely and now the recipe is also tucked into the The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, Whitecap Books 2009. (Amazon has it, Chapters, Barnes and Noble, etc.) This new edition of my Best of has 40 new recipes and double the photos!

What a great bread! It slices warm and wonderful or toasts  beautifully. It's simply and not ooey gooey but sedate with cinnamon and some simple ingredients. This is a breakfast or tea-time bread and might as well make two and tote one to a friend.

What could be better than two of your favourite things, Nutella and bubka? Here’s a silky, moist yeasted coffee cake, liberally crowned with the most decadent thing to come out of a jar: Nutella. This is a perfect gift for someone you love (ummm...maybe you!). I love this with a crumb topping but alternatively, you can smear it with simple syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, both boiled 5 minutes) as it comes out of the oven.

These are hearty muffins with a mellow taste, uplifted by chunks of sour (or sweet) cherries. I usually make these with 1 cup of whole-wheat flour or mixed grain flour. Frozen sour cherries, which are often available, work perfectly for this recipe. It’s just so unexpected, in a wonderful way, to encounter red, sweet/tangy oasis of fruit in a rustic muffins. Save the raisins for another time.

These are good filled with cottage cheese and sour cream filling, rolled and fried in butter and then served with sour cream and fresh fruit or as the foundation for a Blintz Souffle. Make these 8 or 10 inches but make ‘em thin. A non-stick pan, crepe or cast iron pan is perfect.

These are the real deal - true Irish steel cut oats. Make a big batch once a week and store it in the fridge. This is also bolstered with some wheatgerm and ground flax but you can leave those out if you like and sprinkle them on top on each single hot cereal serving or as I do - sprinkle on some hemp hearts. Just scoop out as much oatmeal as you need, microwave for a minute and lace it with milk, Greek yogurt and maple syrup. The mellow taste of vanilla and maple extract only showcase the natural, buttery taste of the oats. Real oats lower your blood serum cholesterol and a small bowl anchors your appetite so that you don’t have cravings or snack your way to lunch. McCann’s Irish Oatmeal is the best for this; it still comes in a beautiful collector can/tin of white, gold and black. Visit

A little pie tin crumb cake that is meltingly tender (the yogurt helps) and reminiscent of yesteryear. No such cake in your ‘yesteryear’? All you remember is a Twinkie? Well, here’s a cake to put the Twinkie on its tail.  This is mellow yellow of crumb, pretty as a picture in a pie tin, and slices into moist, golden wedges of simply great homespun cake. This is a good keeper but one of those small, gone in 2 days little cakes. In days past, they used cream of tartar and some soda in cakes like this. Here I've opted for the more common baking powder and soda combination.

A crumpet is an English griddle bread - something between a pancake and an English muffin. I wanted to call these "Plop-Plop Fizz-Fizz" crumpets because that's what these delightful things look and sound like. Plop goes the bubbly batter, fizz goes the fragrant cooking. The result? A fragrant, warm little bread for breakfast (or your breakfast sandwich).

These gently spiced pumpkin cinnamon sticky buns are bursting with a caramel cinnamon filling and glazed with fondant. The easy sweet bread dough  is a beautiful mellow hue (thanks to the pumpkin) and the combination of brown sugar, spice, caramel, in a sticky bun is worth writing a song about. Canned pumpkin works best or roast your own pumpkin until soften and mash well. These are a collision of pumpkin pie and cinnamon buns. Diet busters or a direct route to the goodness of  Vitamin A?  Heck – these are health food!

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