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Breakfast - Brunch

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Leftover French bread works well

These are big  Detroit around this time of year, but anyone who experiences a fresh and warm Paczki would adopt them. These are part of the Lent tradition but you can also fete Mardi Gras with paczki if you are willing to let them sub for another treat, New Orleans Beignets. Choices, choices!


Sometimes you feel like a bundt; sometimes you don’t. This is a super recipe when you want a moist, golden cake with a river of spice going through it and prefer a nice, hunk, versus a pretty wedge. This is equally good with the raspberries or not (or with blueberries)

No oats, no sesame seeds but still, a delicious Passover granola. If you don’t have farfel, use the equivalent in broken up egg and plain matzoh. This is good if you want a cereal and milk or yogurt topping during Passover and it's a nice reprieve from Matzoh Brie (as if you need one!)

A make ahead, refreshing and pretty to boot. Everything is chopped, layered and waits to be tossed. Serve this in a huge glass trifle dish for visual drama.

A tender vanilla scone is topped with the best and thickest apricot preserves you can find and a dollop of sweetened cream cheese batter. Rich but formed in small scones for just a few decadent bites. Even though these are scones, they taste like a collision of peach Danish and New York cheesecake.

Beet juice turns these pretty in pink. Wonderful Easter eggs or diner-style pickled eggs. Pack ‘em in a large Mason jar or garage sale crock.

Your own pie shell or store-bought, a bit of spice, cheese, tomatoes and cream and voila! Pizza flavor with French sophistication. This is a brown bag gourmet treat or a fall brunch, hospitality dish. The taste says pizza; the presentation says, you genius you. Feel free to toss in some finely diced pepperoni for a pepperoni and cheese version of this fabulous appetizer or main dish.

I am almost a good preserver/jammer as I am a baker. Ok – I am outstanding. Most people who preserve get good at it – it comes with the territory as does creating your own special fruit combinations. I love plum jam but like a bit of oomph as provided by a handful of raspberries thrown in. This jam is ambrosial, deep crimson and sublime on toasted bagels or English muffins.

There are a few recipes for this on the net and one in Secrets of a Jewish Baker by George Greenstein. The main elements are the same: potatoes, flour, yeast, eggs, and oil but the proportions differ substantially. I distilled this recipe down from all those I researched. To say this is outstanding, foodwise, is to say that the Mona Lisa is passing fair, as far as dabbling with oils go. This tastes like a potato latke, cuts like a quiche, and is a side dish wanting to go center stage. This is great hot, warm, or cold. Slather it with sour cream, or serve a thin wedge with a green salad and a BBQ chicken or grilled rib eye steak.

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