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Breakfast - Brunch

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Rich, tender, flaky. Golden, brown sugar scones, chunked up a notch.
Chunks of Swiss chocolate in a vanilla and cream scone batter.

So simple, so unique, so obvious and so good! Chunks of white and dark chocolate in a tender, golden challah, made so by using all-purpose instead of bread flour. Add some cocoa for a chocolate (dough) challah or leave it out. If you have Nielsen Massey's new chocolate extract on hand, this challah becomes more than manna.

An updated Tuna Melt - adding the Brie adds pedigree.

Bagel dough fashioned into a twisted loaf, stuffed with golden Vidalia onions and roasted garlic.  This is an ‘everything’ bread, like an everything bagel. It makes a great sandwich slicing loaf, toast, or is simply satisfying, pulled off in hunks to nibble on with cheese or cream cheese spreads. (p.s. the garlic gets slow roasted in the pan with the sautéed onions)

Nothing beats fresh-in-season peaches for this spin on pineapple upside down cake. It features brown-sugar infused peaches as the foundation of a dewy, buttery cake. It is almost a peach tarte tatin, for you invert the cake on a serving platter and the brown sugar, fruit bottom becomes the top, created a sweet, fruity halo atop a gorgeous cake.

This glorious tea is a replication of a special tea I had somewhere, once, with someone, on a sweet first date that featured this marvellous brew of toasted walnuts, almonds, caramel, chocolate and a hint of pure vanilla. You brew it, you sip it, you are ……transported. It is not quite tea, not quite cocoa but a sublime brew that is like a liquid dessert.  It takes but a touch of sugar and hint of milk. It is unique and satisfying like no Chai or Café Latte ever could hope to be. The tea should be a mix of long and small leaves. This makes a fine gift or conversation stopper (if served after a gourmet meal and some extraordinary BB desserts). For the tea leaves used, you want a mix of fine leaves and some longer ones.

Rustic and comforting sweetness in a scone.

A Ben Stiller film about Walter Mitty, that timid Thurber character featured a riveting clementine cake. It’s too difficult to explain the cake’s context in the movie but it was pivotal. I came away wondering how to make my own Clementine Cake, one that is bursting with the scent and flavor of sweet clementines, buttery toasted almonds and topped with a unique, zesty clementine frosting, garnished with delectable candied clementine slices. Clementine Cake seems rooted in an old-time coffee cake called Kiss-Me Cake which was a Pillsbury bake-off winner decades ago. It’s still a winner. Serve this with a pot of Assam or spice tea, or a scoop of orange sherbet for a springy dessert. is the source for the pure orange and tangerine oil.

These look like muffins and are devoured whenever you would want to devour a muffin but they are actually mini brioche. A few nice bites and they are gone and it's no wonder since they are light, moist, buttery and utterly delectable. Boulangerie Guillaume in Montreal makes a version of these – little sweet buns, studded with massive chunks of Belgium white chocolate. No special bakeware or expertise needed. These are wonderful fresh or toasted and (to be honest) these are even good stale.

Pancakes for a nice brunch offering.
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