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Breakfast - Brunch

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You can use pre-cooked lasagna or par boil regular lasagna. If you can find a more ambrosial tasting lasagna, please share it. It is lite, has an additive garlic bechamel going on, and makes use of surplus zucchini. This is sumptuous and despite the steps it takes: easy; despite the rich flavor – it is also somewhat lower fat. Using zucchini thus saves you from one more zucchini bread. Spinach can also be used in this recipe with the zucchini or instead of (steam, drain and chop it fine).  

Great for a brunch or any time, this is a great holiday or long weekend dish. Everyone claims this dish is theirs or a secret recipe from a caterer but I've seen it in many places. It is essentially blintzes lined up in a casserole, covered with a topping of sour cream, sugar and eggs. It puffs up in the oven and you serve with sour cream and fruit topping.

These are tender and delicate and bursting with blueberries in every bite. These are really miniature coffee cakes actually. You can make these oversized, or spoon them out as muffin tops but they present, and bake up especially nicely in this version of a mini loaves or ‘baby cake’. Wilton also sells mini-Bundt pans that would work (but result in fewer cakes overall).

This is a golden, sweet buckle or fruity coffee cake with a streusel topping. It is dense with deep purple, berry freshness, slices easily, which makes it easy to serve. It is summery country elegance in its finest hour and as one of my tasters said, it is the epitome of summer. A ton of work went into this blue perfection – to make the quintessential buckle: not to cakey, nor gummy, not a muffin, nor a quick bread, not a coffee cake – just the best buckle possible.

Fabulous flapjack flavor

This dessert cuts like a cake, tastes like pastry, is pretty as a tart, and is easy as pie. The pastry, because it has baking powder in it, tastes like a hybrid of pastry and cake. The filling is a hybrid between cheesecake and custard pie. I know - too much talk. Just make it, taste it, enjoy the raves.

As good as they sound. Prepare the sweet, yeasted dough for Hanukkah Nutella Doughnuts. These are sumptuous as only homemade doughnuts can be.

Old-fashioned, thin crepes you get in French restaurants and bistros. Fill these with berries, a dab of butter, or simply top with syrup. Make this big or small but make 'em thin. A non-stick pan, crepe or cast iron pan is perfect.

A nice twist on breakfast fruit

My grandmother-in-law, Esther Carpman was a sprightly, ash-blond, kitchen dynamo who was famous for her hearty potato "kugelins", served with old-fashioned sweet and sour cabbage borscht, as well as these gems of a sweet roll. Yeasty sweet bun dough was stuffed with cherry filling and then folded into odd shapes.  When I started dating my husband, I only heard about these legendary bun because were always devoured within ten minutes and always gone before I ever saw them! One day, I lucked out and snagged a still-warm bun; in a flash I finally understood the ardent following these buns induced. I got luckier: one day I discovered the recipe tucked in my mother-in-law's files and with a little adapting here and there, I had Bubbie Esther’s cherry buns perfected. A version of it appeared in a feature I wrote for Bon Appetit on quick yeasted breads and the recipe is also of course, in my cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking.  Bubbie Esther used sweet cherries and often, cherry pie filling if she was pressed for time but I am partial to make my own filling with jarred Hungarian sour cherries. Both approaches work well, as does blueberry or apple filling. As a friend of mine said, "these are pure memory food".

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