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Breakfast - Brunch

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Take a cornbread base, add El Paso style taco filling, top with Monterey Jack and serve with a side of salsa, avocado slices, and sour cream and diced chilies. Whoa Nellie. This is best served in small hunks of chili and cornbread base - on a gorgeous Santa Fe style ceramic plate or Fiesta ware, alongside a mixed green salad and ice-cold iced tea and lime wedges.

So many cranberry scone recipes and yet, each one is different. This is one of my favorites and it make an exceptionallytender, flaky, crisp scone outside but soft and tender inside. At Thanksgiving it's a must at Thanksgiving. Make these small to serve as a side bread or dust with sugar before baking, to serve as dessert.

An exquisite blend, inspired by Dorset Cereals of the UK famed granola. This makes a noble cereal that tastes beautiful and looks gorgeous, packed up in cello bags and tied with a scarlet ribbon. Or use a huge Mason jar. Pack this in a basket with two Pier 1 bowls and the New York Times.

There are muffins with berries and muffins bursting with bouquets of berries - much like a patchwork quilt and just as country colorful, and charming. Here is an outstanding breakfast or coffee-time muffins that features a superb vanilla streusel topping.  Filled to the brim with blackberries, raspberries, touches of cranberries and blueberries, this is a harvest treat.

This is Irish magic in a tea blend. It is loose tea, with some amazing touches that turn this into a beautiful gift or hostess tea (especially if you pack it with a soda bread). It starts with strong, pure Assam tea leaves and then…..The rest is a secret. If you can find longer or full leaf Assam (as opposed to the finer tea leaves), that is better.

Simple crepes, with a filling of sweetened cream cheese and fresh berries. Positively bridal.

This Czech pastry has many different names and many European bakers make a variation on this sour-cream dough, filled with fresh and beautiful apricot filling. You can use other fruit fillings but to me, apricot is the perfect match for this tender, buttery, sour cream dough. In my recipe archives, there is also a recipe for a yeasted kolache, if you prefer.

This is a must for anyone's company brunch repetoire. Heft wedges of caramelized apples sit in an eggy batter that puffs up into a sweet souffle. Got the digital camera? Time to take a picture; then dig in. McIntosh, Cortland or Yellow Delicious are recommended. Everyone needs a show stopper brunch dish that feeds a crowd and leaves you time to enjoy it with your guests.

If you can’t remember the last time you had this, it is time to make it again. Simple, nutritious, and gone in a flash. This is a nice, quick dessert and a perfect ending to a dinner of turkey chili and cornbread or a cheese omelet supper. Enjoy the mellow taste of apples, set in a caramelized foundation, and topped with a nutty, brown sugar and oatmeal crisp topping. This is also sublime with diced apricots or pears.

Great for waffles too, these are golden, crisp buttery corn pancakes that are wonderful with anything - eggs, syrup, bacon or Greek yogurt.

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