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Breakfast - Brunch

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These are delicious, healthy and soul-and-body satisfying cookies. They whip up in seconds and have all you need in the way of complex carbs. The recipe includes interesting ancient grains, the benefits of raw almonds, brainy pumpkin seeds, heart healthy coconut oil  and hemp. For yet more health and taste, there's a shot of Greek yogurt and the perk of some dried fruit as well as fresh cranberries. This is the sort of cookie to pack in the car so that when hunger strikes, you reach for these good carbs. Did I tell you these are simply delicious?

Pineapple, a touch of rum and macadamia nuts upgrade this classic. An exceptionally moist and flavor packed banana bread with an added sumptuous glaze.

This quick, savory’n sweet bread marries tangy chunks of nippy orange cheddar with sweet chunks of fresh fall apples. It’s not too sweet nor is it a savory loaf; it is somewhere in-between and unexpectedly delicious. I am partial to Wisconsin, Vermont or Ontario cheddars for this recipe. Wonderful alone or with a cup of coffee or a glass or red wine and some memories of seasons past.


This is the one to turn to for quick pancakes, scones, and my version of Red Lobster’s famed garlic biscuits. You can use butter in this recipe instead of shortening or half and half but then keep the mix in the freezer. Use famed Saco Buttermilk Blend for these.


Leftover honey cake? Don’t even think of throwing it out. Cut up in hunks, bathed in an egg/cream bath, and baked, it becomes a bread pudding. Serve warm, or cold, with cream or sour cream. It is subtly spicy, delicate, eggy, and sweet – replaces blintzes and updates tradition. Frugality is the motherhood of creativity. Creativity reinvents tradition. Can be baked and frozen or made ahead and baked just 40 minutes before serving.

I should call this  Can’t Sleep Tea (it is my own version of famed Sleeptime Tea from Celestial Seasonings) because I guarantee this will make you sleepy….sleepier? Well, it's just the ticket no matter what, even if you have aches and pains and simply need a healing tonic. Warm milk, honey, pure vanilla, cinnamon and chamomile make this sublime. It is instead of hot cocoa and instead of decaf café latte and instead of (but not a replacement for) ...mum.


The flavors of Hot Cross Buns in a crisp, crunchy, spicy cookie stick, updated with wild blueberries and a hint of orange (versus orange candied fruit) for a more contemporary much.
Perfect with a cup of chai tea. Finished with white chocolate for the total package or use the fondant coating in the recipe. This is the perfect balance of a touch of whole-wheat flour, spice, dried fruit and the fondant finale. Something new for Spring.

This will take the chill out of the air. A wonderful hostess potable to serve throughout the fall into winter – but perfect for Thanksgiving. You could also add a touch of vanilla extract to this, or even a few bags of green tea or chamomile. There is also Lynch's Cranberry Apple Tea which makes a great base. I serve this in glass mugs with slices of Red Delicious apple on top or even a slice of clementine.

If you’ve ever visited an Ikea you’ll notice the food part is a little strange. They serve hotdogs, pizza and chips, ice-cream and a whole lot of cinnamon buns. Why cinnamon buns? I always wondered. Then I found out that Swedes manage almost a cinnamon bun-a-day with a national consumption of three hundred and sixty-one cinnamon buns per year, per person? That’s why Ikea serves them! They are the national treat. Of course, Ikea bows to American tastes by omitting the cardamom, raisins and slathering on white fondant. By contrast authentic Swedish cinnamon buns have cardamom (but you can leave it out), pearl sugar on top (and no fondant). These are also lighter, more feathery buns and are made with less butter, less sugar, no eggs and no vanilla. They are: wonderful. I cross checked about 35 recipes until I got the gist and made my kanelbullar (kanel=cinnamon; bullar=buns) just perfect. I couldn’t find pearl sugar on time so I made my buns with coarse sugar. Gorgeous. If you love cinnamon buns but would like the try them in a Swedish rendition (overall not gooey and sticky but lighter, sweet and moist and stopping short of decadence), this is the recipe! By the way, if you haven’t figured it out, I live about four blocks from Ikea. I swear I smell the scent of their cinnamon buns daily! This is a lovely holiday sort of baking.

What could possibly make a great soda bread even better? A little Baileys Irish Cream. You could serve this bread with corned beef and cabbage, a good Irish stew, or in hefty wedges with a sharp Irish or Guinness cheddar and pickled onions for a updated Ploughman's Platter. But given the wee dram of decadence, it would make a fine slice to serve with a steaming pot of Assam tea.

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