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My famous summer BBQ sauce - smoky and quick and laced with Atlanta's pride and joy: Coca Cola. It's the real thing.
Simply delicious
I nice slow-cook dish.
Here's the beef. Mop it all up with a side of garlic baguettes.
Not as expensive as a regular rib roast.

There are a million ways to make corned beef, from deli style to an Irish wash day classic. My blue-ribbon winning recipe features a healthy douse of Guinness beer and makes for the most succulent, mouth-watering plate of beef you can imagine. Serve this with braised cabbage and mashed buttery potatoes and crowned with minced parsley (wearing of the green and such) and you have a meal fit for a king. This is easy, fail-proof pub food at its finest hour. Great hot or sliced  (creamed or the horseradish itself) tucked in a pumpernickel bread sandwich it's a feast. Alongside a hunk of Irish Soda Bread, it's hearty nostalgia. This recipe makes a reddish hued corned beef that is succulent with flavor. It is spicy, a touch sweet, and deeply flavored due to the corning (spices and salt), slow roasting and the fabulous braising of dark Guinness beer.


This is a good foundation brisket recipe for the high holidays or a traditional shabbat dinner. Slow roasting is the new way to go - it yields a tender brisket that doesn't require slicing and braising (a second baking session). Trust me - bubbie would approve.

This is one of those secret ingredient recipes that makes all the difference. These succulent (no other word) meatballs are zesty and full of bite and always get eaten before the meal for which they are intended so plan on making two batches. These are so good that 1990 people downloaded this recipe in 11 minutes last fall. It's not up to 2500 hits.
I call that a winner.

A commercial corned brisket makes this recipe a snap.
These are fun food but great snacking fare - and beats pizza pockets hands down. You can use beefy hotdogs or even semi-cooked Italian sausages. The dough is yeasted but not too puffy or chewy, making a great hot, fresh bread wrap.
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