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Bars - Squares - Filled

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A buttery shortbread base is the throne to a special caramel filling all topped off with a yet another unique chocolate triumphurate crown. No wonder these are Millionaire Bars –they are a treasure. Forget about the economy, breathe in and out, and munch on one of these.If you like Twix bars but even better - this is just the ticket.

These are a riff on Anzac cookies – they make amazing chewy, butter oatmeal bars, slightly caramelized in taste. Created to honor both the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp, these cookies were sent by the women to their troops fighting far away in World War I. The Lyle’s golden syrup is a must - it is absolutely delectable in these cookies and it puts the capital “A” in Anzac.

Apples, filo, and company coming in an hour? Be prepared to serve seconds and have recipe printed out - they'll be asking for it.

I only make these squares using Californian apricots (Bella Viva Orchards is my source of supply. But you can also use dried mango, which I get from Costco. Nothing beats the sweet but tangy filling of apricot (or mango) in these luscious, easy squares. These have a bit of oatmeal in them but you can also try my recipe for Apricot Squares that are shortbread based.

These are so good you'll hear about it all the way from Kilkarney to Kildare. This is a sinfully decadent brownie with the kiss of the Irish in it. It's one of my favorites plus like, over 1750 people have downloaded this recipe since I created it. That's not luck - that's great taste!

A Middle-Eastern delight

Not so classic but oh-so-good - what are oranges, lemons and limes doing in this buttery, decadent baklavah? Find great honey (clover or orange blossom) instead of plain old supermarket honey which has little taste, add a little filo pastry and you're a hero. In minutes, you can assemble this buttery, sweet, Greek treat that will having you dancing Zorba around the kitchen.

This is the nicest marriage possible: tart sweet fruit, basking on a foundation of a sweet oamteal shortbread crust. Cut into big squares, serve on a napkin, and balance it on your lap, with a mug of coffee nearby.

Dark, bakery-style brownies with a shiny bittersweet glaze.If you want these thick, use a 7 by 11 inch pan; if you prefer them flatter and chewier, make them in a 9 by 13 inch pan.

I like bold lemon bars, racing with extra zing. These luxurious lemon bars also often the option of a layer of raspberry preserves bridging the shortbread base with its tangy topping. These are the classic but better.

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