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Bars - Squares - Filled

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A lovely treat to accompany a cup of coffee.

There is a secret to chewy granola bars. It is simple but effective but makes for that ultimate, satisfying bars that commercial granola bars are known for – but these are chewy and good with wholesome things andand peanut free. The fresh apple chunks in this bar make it a bit gooey and sticky with apple juices. This is the best part of this bar (to me) but if you want chewy but not 'wet', just leave the apples out.

These are very good aside from chock full of healthy things. Health food zealots gave granola bars a bad name. They are healthy but they are equally a wonderful treat. You can use butter, or even melted (neutral tasting) coconut oil for these.

Paneforte or ‘strong bread’ is a delicious, candied confection, more than a cake. It dates back to the Crusades and is a predecessor of modern day fruitcake.It is often available in Italian food stores at Christmas but you can make one anytime. This version has a lovely hint of chocolate and a bite of extra spice – it is dense and chewy, and nicely studded with chunky whole almonds in each bite.

  Simple can be good. Instant dessert or lunch box treats for gourmet This are de ultra quick, chocolate cookies for brown baggers. Remember to use the best chocolate you can find such as Scharffen Berger or Callebaut.

I make these in mini muffin tins. Once the brownies are cool, dip a couple in milk, white or melted semi-sweet chocolate or just drizzle them a bit with chocolate. Alternatively, toss them in either confectioners' sugar or cocoa.

Smooth as silk this is a bouquet of orange, hazelnuts and decadent Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur) and a ton of chocolate. Each good on their own but the trio becomes a symphony in our favorite thing : brownies.

An old-fashioned apple strudel made quick and easy with prepared filo leaves. This recipe makes two strudel rolls. Serve one warm. The other can be a gift or nibbled on later.

A recipe that seems to appear all over the Internet but alas with some strangely consistent errors. Here is my version – right as rain and as delicious as a cinnamon bun but without yeast or effort. Anyone see my favourite 9 by 13 inch pan?

These are dense, chewy, and rife with a caramel/brown sugar taste. Butterscotch and white chocolate chipsmake these blockbusters.

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