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Bars - Squares - Filled

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Is this a cookie or a tart? A torte or a cake? To us, Linzertorte has cookie roots and torte aspirations. A gorgeous nutty buttery shortbread bottom, topped with raspberry preserves and then a crowning lattice-work pastry work crust. Raspberry is classic but apricot preserves is as personal fav.

Using half coconut oil makes these a bit more heart healthy. Choose unflavoured coconut oil (which looks like a white greasy paste and comes in a jar) but if you don’t mind organic coconut oil, you will get a wonderful Mounds Bar sort of brownie. The neat thing (aside from the great coconut fat) is that these are dense, chewy, crusty topped and moist brownies. Absolutely delicious.We recommend coconut oi

There are many versions of these. This one is a prime example: big, bold, funky, hunky bars to wow your office with or knock the socks off the pot luck group.

I love brownies of all sorts, I am afraid to say but asking a baker which brownie she prefers is like asking her to choose among her precious children. No favorites: chewy, cakey, crackly – you name it. Love them all. But some folks are partial to deep rich brownies with that amazing crackle finish on top. This is one of those.

Deep fudge, chewy brownies, with ribbons of fresh creme brulee all through them. This is caramel and chocolate decadence at its finest hour.

Blond ambition in a bar. Creme brulee syrup, along with a layer of cheesecake get swirled into this golden, pecan and butterscotch chip blondie. A few steps and voila - you have baked up a legend.

Fudge heavenly brownies, with dark and white chocolate chips, and a shiny glaze. Served chill with a quart of milk or steamy espresso.

A triumph of flavor all packed into one bar. Brownie, then blondie layers, topped with a cheesecake swirl, marshmallow fluff, chocolate chunks and more! These bake up tall and majestic; these freeze like a dream too and are even better ice-cold as sweet, decadent mega blocks you can haul over to a cup of coffee. Don’t share this recipe –it will make you famous. I even like to add a swirl of raspberry jam in these but then…that’s me, the queen of de ultresse.

These are hunks. Huge blocks of chocolate heaven. Simply deposit a can of dulce de leche in dollops on top of the batter and swirl in a bit before baking. The result is soft, fudgey (not mushy), brownies crowned in threads of caramel lusciousness.

These are funky, chunky, chewy, buttery and wonderful. It is one of the best cookies you will ever make.Make these huge (but chill the batter) or small and delicate. Nothing but nothing beats the flavor and texture of these cookies. A winner from my early days, baking career. Use storebought granola or the easy Gift Giving Maple Vanilla Granola.

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