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Bars - Squares - Filled

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A tip of the hat to the Peter Paul candy company. No actual Mounds bars in these, just some inspiration. These are dense chocolate brownies with a chewy, coconut section

Recently while on Martha Stewart Sirius Radio I was asked for a couple of my favorite brownie recipes. It's like choosing my favorite kid!  But here is one of my personal tried and truest (another one would be my famed Notting Hill Brownies, or maybe it is my Creme Brulee Brownies - so hard to choose!). This recipe doubles like a dream but bakes up gorgeous - simply decadent brownies. Not muddy or cakey but the perfect balanced brownie, due in part to the use of both cocoa and melted chocolate. These also freeze well but they never make it to the freezer. A great gift brownie that also takes well to anything you want to throw in it - from nuts, to chocolate chips or hunks of toffee.

A Canadian treat - reportedly from Nanaimo, British Columbia but widely accepted, as are Canadian Butter Tarts, as a purely Canuck treat. It is a deep chocolate base, followed by silk custard and a satiny smooth finish of melted chocolate. No one can each just one.

Easily mixed by hand in minutes, these are dark, fudgy, and kid-approved.

There's almost famous and there's Notorious and these are so called because they are simply, outrageous. Actually, I should call these Shake, Rattle and Roll Brownies for midway through baking these, you gently lift the pan and drop it down to make the top settle (and not puff). These are wildly rich but chewy (without being cloying) and have that crackle top and a texture that somewhere between cake and fudge –in other words – totally perfect. So many great brownie recipes - do we need another one? If it is like this one, absolutely! 

Over 3000 downloads! These treats were inspired by the "brownie scene" in the movie Notting Hill. The characters stage a contest to determine whose life is more miserable and whom should enjoy the last brownie left over from dinner. They passed around a mega brownie that seemed luscious. I had to replicate it. This one is big, hunky, decadent, and the one I make almost weekly. It is that good. They are wonderful with icing but they always disappear before I can even frost an inch of them. Here's the movie clip that inspired my original recipe

Chocolate makes this unique, a cream cheese dough makes it easy.For chocolate addicts, use chocolate hazelnut filling. For a "Black Forest" rugulah, use raspberry or cherry preserves as filling.


(Part of a series on "commercial foods")
Very sweet. Not much "nutri" in these. Kids might like them, or squirrels.

A classic re-visited. A sturdy oatmeal bar crust is a caramely-crisp throe for a fresh blueberry filling.
 Some of the crust doubles as the topping, making these really easy and quick. Use raspberries if you prefer but no matter what the fruit, these old-fashioned bars are so darned good!

Oatmeal and caramel are natural partners. These make high, moist, buttery, bar/cookies that look pretty and taste ambrosial.

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