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Bars - Squares - Filled

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A rich bar with a smooth caramel taste. Especially good cold.
A rich bar with a smooth caramel taste. Especially good cold.

These can't be for Passover! They're too good. They are also easy, quick and crowd pleasing. In squares- they are wonderful sweet treats. In wedges, with some strawberry sauce, they are a brownie torte dessert.

You can use semi-sweet chocolate bars or baking chips for this recipe and omit the nuts if you like.

Commercial filo / phyllo sheets make this a breeze.

Great flavor in a small bite. This features a buttery tart dough as the base, topped with fresh diced peaches and then a shower of shredded tart dough. Once baked, you have a sweet sunrise in a gorgeous square or bar that will be the envy of the local Starbucks.

A classic square.
A pie dough base with a shower of lightly sweetened apples, topped with shredded dough. Once you have your components ready, the dessert comes together in just a few minutes.

Imagine your favourite chewy caramel square, aka Blondies, updated with Thanksgiving flair and spice? You can also cap a regular chocolate brownie with pumpkin pie filling but somehow caramel (to me at least) is the natural pairing. These are chewy and dense styled.

A Celestial Seasonings tea recipe caught my eye. In the end, it needed a total re-invention but the lovely combination of steeped raspberry tea, lemon curd and a shortbread crust is unbeatable. In the BB Test Kitchen, I also combine half English breakfast tea with half Raspberry Zinger, sweetened it with honey, chill and serve over crushed ice, in wine glasses, with a slice of orange an mint leaves. It is a soothing and refreshing iced-tea with a fruity twist.

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