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Bars - Squares - Filled

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Date squares may seem so yesteryear but frankly, between the goodness of dried dates, the wonders of tasty/healthy oatmeal, butter and brown sugar, and a touch of orange, they are state of the art baking. Many foods are called comfort foods but this one has earned it halo. When's the last time you made date squares? It's that time again.

The taste of a Tollhouse cookie-cum blondie in a confection-like cookie. These are meant to be served served cold and for those times you want a real hit of something fudgey, sweet and chewy..

Knock-out bars of brown sugar batter, stuffed with chocolate chips and thick chunks of Oreo cookies. Get the milk. These are incredibly rich and good and exploding with taste. Ok, so maybe they're outrageous. Add this to my Oreo repertoire which includes Oreo Cheesecake, Fried Oreos, Oreo Cupcakes, Oreo Ice-Box Cake and Oreo Black Bottom Muffins and an Oreo-Stuffed Coffee Cake in my cookbook, A Passion for Baking.

There are fudge brownies and fudge icing brownies. These are brownies topped with real fudge that is poured on before it sets. Can you imagine? Find someone you love and share. T

A rich bar with a smooth caramel taste. Especially good cold.
A rich bar with a smooth caramel taste. Especially good cold.

These can't be for Passover! They're too good. They are also easy, quick and crowd pleasing. In squares- they are wonderful sweet treats. In wedges, with some strawberry sauce, they are a brownie torte dessert.

You can use semi-sweet chocolate bars or baking chips for this recipe and omit the nuts if you like.

Commercial filo / phyllo sheets make this a breeze.

Beautiful fresh, fruity squares that are sweet, tangy and sunny. Extra touches in the recipe makes these extraordinary (but also easy). A great 9 by 13 inch pan recipe.

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